Geek Friendly LGBT Teen Drama Needs Your Support

Fans of My So Called Life, Degrassi, and 90s nostalgia should check out this project, with a lead who loves geek culture.

As a matter of full disclosure, Michael S. Mammano, the creator of True Colors, is a Den of Geek contributor. He’s also someone that I’ve known for years, and I bring your attention to the TV pilot that he’s raising funds for on Kickstarter, because I believe in both his talent and what he’s trying to accomplish here.

In short, True Colors is about suburban LGBT teens growing up in the early 1990s, a time when it was rare for teenagers to come out of the closet and the internet was still in its infancy, which made connecting with other people with similar interests (let alone sexual orientation) difficult. While it’s easy to jump online and talk to millions of people who share your offbeat cultural passions these days (and thanks, everyone, this site couldn’t exist without you!), that wasn’t the case in 1993. 

The tone that True Colors is aiming for is in the vein of classic teen dramas like My So Called Life with shades of Degrassi. But aside from the twist of depicting a group of LGBT teens as the central characters at a particular period in history, the series lead, Corey, is a geek. “Corey’s geekery isn’t a punchline to be laughed at, as it would be on, say, The Big Bang Theory.” Mr. Mammano told me. “His love of geekdom is written from an insider’s perspective, and is more deft than just naming a bunch of shit and spinning a laugh track. His references are specific; they track and make sense, and are not over-explained for the benefit of a non-geek audience. They’re a part of who he is and how he developed his somewhat naively heroic outlook on life.”

How deep does that connection run? It’s a generational thing. “His dad read him The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as a bedtime story when he was little,” Mammano says. As for Corey’s other passions? Well, it’s the ’90s, so he’s seen every episode of Batman: The Animated Series that had aired by that point (twice), read all the core DragonLance novels, and, of course, is obsessed with the X-Men, “because of the whole outsider metaphor.”

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Let the creator tell you more about it:

The Kickstarter page for True Colors can be found here. It runs through March 31st. You can keep up with the project on social media at the following links…