Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions Series Coming to ID

Investigation Discovery goes all good-cop bad-cop on suspects in Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions.

What happens in the confessional may stay in the confessional in a church, but not at the precinct. Suspects have the right to remain silent, but cops have the rites to break those vows. The all-new series Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions discloses the secrets to the leading mystery-and-suspense network on television.

Investigation Discovery’s Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions takes viewers “inside the interrogation room to witness first-hand the clever tactics employed by detectives in hopes of securing a criminal confession ID says in a statement.  “What if you could be a fly on the wall for some of the most chilling conversations in the history of crime? What if you could hear these conversations, word-for-word, exactly as they really happened?”

The series will showcase real-life interrogation strategies used by police to break their suspects and confess what really happened, from establishing rapport with their suspects, to old-fashioned “good cop, bad cop” questioning. 

Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions will premieres Monday, March 12 with “Rival Affections.” It focuses on Michael Pies and James Kelly O’Mara, two strangers living in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. “Both men are found dead in similar ways – a single gunshot to the head,” reads the synopsis. “Police are puzzled, until they discover the one person who connects the two seemingly apparent strangers: Angelina Mae O’Mara – James’ wife and Michael’s lover. As the sole link between the men, detectives bring Angelina in for questioning. And when Angelina’s story begins to waver, two officers with very different interrogation strategies race against the clock to uncover the truth. Can they break their only suspect in this double homicide before she walks free?”

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Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions Episodes:

The Torture Trap

Two college football players in Rochester, New York are missing. Police frantically chase down leads, only to uncover a terrifying case of mistaken identity has turned into an escalating hostage crisis. The clock is ticking: two women in the interrogation room hold the key to rescuing the two men before it’s too late. The episode premieres Monday, March 19.

The Biting Hand

A long-haul trucker can’t contact his wife while he’s away on a work trip. When police check on her, they arrive at the house to find a young man who is also concerned when he can’t find the woman anywhere. The man had been living with the couple, and he points out a shocking trail of evidence to the police. The episode premieres Monday, March 26.

Suicide or Murder?

As a mother searches for justice for her daughter, detectives in Houston, Texas find themselves in the strangest, most chilling interrogation they have ever encountered. Police must sort out the truth from the lies when a man claims that a young woman’s suicide was actually a murder. The episode premieres Monday, April 2.

The Second Gun Theory

A deadly domestic dispute outside Nashville, Tennessee pits two detectives against each other when one believes a self-defense killing is more than it seems. After a grieving wife gives an account justifying her husband’s death, detectives ask one question to provoke an incredible confession. The episode premieres Monday, April 9.

The Killer Next Door

Police outside St. Louis, Missouri suspect a serial killer after finding the bodies of two women strangled to death. Fearing more victims, police gamble and go public with their only piece of evidence – a shoe found at one of the crime scenes. An anonymous tip they receive lands an unlikely suspect in the interrogation room. The episode premieres Monday, April 16.

Dead by Dawn

The unsolved murder of a teenage girl haunts detectives in rural Wyoming… until a call 23 years after her murder reignites the cold case. Untested DNA evidence gives detectives their first lead in decades: but only a full confession will close this case once and for all. The episode premieres Monday, April 23.

The Bodies in the Ashes

A house fire on a farm in rural Oregon reveals two charred bodies in the ashes. Police suspect a terrible accident. But when suspicious new details are found among the ruins, investigators must keep tempers from boiling over in the interrogation room to trap the killer in his own lies. The episode premieres Monday, April 30.

The Vanishing Women of San Luis Obispo

Two female college students vanish from the close-knit town of San Luis Obispo, California. Clues are elusive, but one detective has a “hunch” he knows who is responsible. With little evidence, investigators’ only hope of finding the missing women hangs on convincing the probable killer to confess. The episode premieres Monday, May 7.

The Killer Collective

After a violent home invasion near Grand Rapids, Michigan ends in murder, Detectives Marty Albert and Marcus Glover have six men in six interrogation rooms. One is the mastermind, one is the murderer. The only way to find out who’s who is to get them to talk… or they may all get away with murder. The episode premieres Monday, May 14.

Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions premieres on Investigation Discovery on Monday, March 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.