Dune: New Movie Several Years Away

Director Denis Villeneuve on his Dune film, and his need to take a break after his Blade Runner sequel...

Director Denis Villeneuve went straight from making Sicario, moved onto Arrival, and then onto Blade Runner 2049, that itself arrives at the end of the year. He’s deep in post-production on the movie, and we already know what his next project is going to be.

He’s signed up for the new movie take on Dune, but also, he’s wary of rushing straight into it. In a new interview with Cinema Blend, he’s admitted that the rate of his output has taken its toll on him.

“I did Prisoners, and then after that, in the past six years I have done five movies – which is not a good idea! It’s too fast. And I learned a lot, I learned so much, for the time now I need just a little time to digest.”

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He suggested that he’ll be taking a break between projects this time, adding that “I would love to just digest and then come back with more energy for Dune with fresh ideas. I need that right now! And so I need distance a little bit.”

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Villeneuve is a huge fan of Frank Herbert’s Dune novel, and confirmed that he’s been interested in making a new film based on it for many years. Right now, his plate is full of Blade Runner, though. We’d guess that the earliest we’ll see his Dune film is 2019, probably later than that.

More as we hear it…