Dragon Ball Super: Broly – What to Expect

We have the goods from New York Comic Con on what’s to come in the upcoming feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Dragon Ball’s popularity has entered a golden age where it’s arguably as embraced—if not even more so—than during the height of its popularity back in the early 2000s. This fandom doesn’t just restrict itself to the anime, with new video games like Dragon Ball FighterZ bringing in huge crowds. The series has found an incredible second life via its latest chapter, Dragon Ball Super, which is currently one of the largest draws on Adult Swim’s Toonami lineup. Dragon Ball Super’s English dub is still going strong on Toonami and even though the series has wrapped in Japan, the series’ first film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is only months away from premiering both in Japan and North America. 

Up until this point there have been brief hints about the film’s content, like how it would canonically introduce the popular character Broly into the series, while also explore the history of the Saiyan race as well as their relationship with Frieza. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly panel at New York Comic Con dropped a lengthier second trailer for the film that greatly expanded on the movie’s subject matter. 

The trailer indicates that the film will basically operate as a Broly origin story where he is the main character, more so than Goku or Vegeta. It appears that a good portion of the movie will take place in the past during Broly’s infancy. Scenes depict conflict between a menacing Lord Frieza and King Vegeta as well as glimpses of the Ginyu Force in their prime. Furthermore, it looks like Dragon Ball Super: Broly may rewrite Goku’s exodus from Planet Vegeta, as the movie also shows Bardock and his wife peacefully sending Goku to Earth, with the planet far from destruction. It’s satisfying to see that this movie is putting in the proper work to make its villain feel powerful, but it’s a welcome bonus that Broly’s history happens to involve this walk down memory lane with so many fallen characters.

The trailer also shows Broly getting sent off to Earth on a space pod, not unlike Goku, and the idea that he experienced some kind of parallel upbringing as Dragon Ball’s hero is a great angle to spin this character. This look at Broly’s past culminates with him encountering Goku and Vegeta in the present, which everyone on the show’s staff promises will rival Goku’s final battle with Jiren in the Tournament of Power. A quick shot in the trailer of two fingers coming in contact with each other could very well signal the return of the fusion-formed Gogeta, maybe even in Super Saiyan Blue form.

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly comes out in theaters on December 14thin Japan, but with the series’ massive presence overseas, North American fans won’t have to wait that much longer. The 100-minute film will hit select theaters in the United States and Canada on January 16th(in both subbed and dubbed form), but with the recent success Funimation saw with their limited release of My Hero Academia’s feature film, it may end up sticking around longer than anticipated.

As more details on Dragon Ball Super: Broly develop, we will be sure to keep you up to date on all the action-packed news! 

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