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You can read about Simon Brew (Editor) and Ryan Lambie (Assistant Editor) here and down there. But here are some of the wordsmiths who make the site what it is…

Andrew Blair…wants to run Doctor Who. It’s not going well. In the meantime he works in a bookshop, writes things for whoever will have him and glowers at people who have the temerity to be having a good day. One time a child burst in to tears just by looking at him and it completely ruined his afternoon. His favourite Doctor is Sylvester McCoy and he will fight anyone who disagrees. His website, with its mainly black colour scheme, can be found here.

Barry Donovan…currently works in a school which kindly accommodates his love and passions, those being innocent smoothies, reviewing things, Lego, and Rock Band. He’s a lifelong fan of sci-fi and comics, and harbours a genuine belief that had his parents died when he was young he would definitely have become Batman. His favourite show is Quantum Leap and he even got to meet Scott Bakula who was, like, totally dreamy. When he’s infected in the Zombie Apocalypse, he hopes that his first victims are Richard and Judy. His personal website is

Carley Tauchert….watched her first film, My Little Pony: The Movie in the cinema aged four and has loved film ever since. When not frequenting her local multiplex or overusing her DVD player she can be found watching a vast array of television shows mostly written by Joss Whedon or J.J Abrams. She is rather fond of all John Hughes movies and has owned no less than four copies of The Breakfast Club. She also has a thing for vampire movies and shows and is a bit of a fan girl when it comes to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight. She could also probably beat you at Guitar Hero. Follow Carley on Twitter @carleytauchert.

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CJ Wheeler

…Comic book guy extraordinaire, @Wintriguing on Twitter and Dubious pastimes involve spreading the good word of continuity to those who don’t speak its language, and reciting the script of the original Transformers movie as though it were Shakespeare. Feel free to drop CJ a line about anything comics, including reviews and events, at or DM him on Twitter.

David Jones… is an aspiring writer with four manuscripts behind him (well, in front of him, as they’re scattered across his desk), including a murder-mystery, a romantic comedy/espionage thriller and a satirical comedy about a failed talent show contestant and the show’s judge set a few years from now when talent shows aren’t popular anymore. He has written for the magazine Maverick and the site Country California. A film and book buff, he goes all the way back to the dark ages of entertainment, and sometimes wishes he was really there.He can be verbally abused here.Doralba Picerno“I am a photographer who adores films. I am Italian and I was exposed to movies of all cultures from early on, as we have a lot of dubbing over there! I became a film dubber myself and then moved on to radio, where I had my own show for a few years. I moved to London in order to pursue my photography. I would love to make short movies and I currently have a photographic coffee table book out, Girls full of images of pin-up and fetish girls which I have taken whilst based in London.”

Duncan BowlesHan Solo, Pierce Brosnan and Bruce Campbell’s quippingWarm Lohan feelings when Indy is whippingAll 19 versions of Lord of the RingsThese are a few of my favourite things…

Transformers t-shirts and shiny new figuresA movie collection that can’t get much biggerZombies street dancing when Michael Jackson singsThese are a few of my favourite things…

Bateman as Batman and Pretty Face EckhartDriving fast cars to kill GTA street tartsBouncing and whooping when Statham’s on screenThese are a few of my favourite things…

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When the shit hitsWhen Brett Ratner speaksWhen I’m feeling madI simply remember my favourite thingsAnd then I don’t feel so bad!

You can also also see Duncan’s short film efforts at

Elliot ThorpeAt aged 5, Elliot wasn’t too keen on the Krynoid pod splitting open in Doctor Who’s ‘The Seeds of Doom’ but spent hours, aged 8, trying to recreate the Drydock from Star Trek: The Motion Picture out of Lego for his Dinky toy Enterprise. It must have been the love of being scared because Doctor Who eventually became one of his biggest passions (besides girls and other distracting things). Now he’s apparently grown up, as have the girls, he’s a freelance journalist and writer, his output including Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio range, Encore magazine, a Sussex-based rock band called Retox, DoG (of course) and The Dean Martin Association, the latter of which prides itself on being a very long-running fan club! He’s currently writing a TV script (aren’t we all?) and a stage show. You can contact him via about anything you like!

Gem WheelerThe first film Gem can remember watching is Innerspace with Martin Short, which is possibly why – unlike the rest of the world – she actually enjoyed his appearance in Arrested Development. She tries to live life according to the teachings imparted by Seinfeld, although has relaxed sufficiently to permit some hugs and, very occasionally, learning.

Gem is as cheerful a character as you could expect from someone whose favourite brand of Star Trek is Deep Space Nine. The Eleventh Doctor and his TARDIS remain her favourite onscreen couple of all time, which probably says a lot. She is still living in the ’90s when it comes to gaming, preferring to search out new point-and-click adventures while boring anyone who will listen with her memories of Commander Keen. If her writing ever approaches the standard of Duncan MacDonald’s Mr Cursor column from PC Zone’s heyday, she will be a happy woman.

Glen Chapman “My interest in movies started at an early age through the influence of my older brother who owns every copy of a certain monthly movie magazine and showed me movies I probably shouldn’t have been watching at such a young age. Early memories include losing sleep over Robocop (“I’m melting!”), Total Recall and The Dark Crystal (which I still haven’t watched again to this day). Having wanted to write about movies for as long as I can remember and being a fan of the site for some time, I was challenged by my girlfriend to stop talking about maybe doing some writing at some point and actually write a review and submit it as an example. That was in April ’09 and I’ve been contributing fairly regularly ever since with a number of reviews and features. Tastes range from the high brow to the low brow. I’m particularly partial to anything that involves Bill Murray and/or Zombies. I also probably spend too much time on the PS3. Contact me at if you like.”

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Harry Slater Harry is a freelance game journalist who has been gaming since the tender age of four, when his parents brought home a Spectrum 128K lightgun pack. The Spectrum acted as a gateway drug to a misspent youth in sea front arcades, or huddled around a grease stained Street Fighter 2 machine in a grotty cafe. When not writing, Harry spends his time watching films, reading books and correcting grammar. If he was on a desert island and could only take one console, it would be the Dreamcast, and he would play Chu Chu Rocket until madness finally claimed him. You can follow Harry @harryslater on Twitter, if you’d like.

Holger Haase“I am a German blow-in living in Ireland and am now working as a German tutor and Irish tour guide. Lover of Cult Films and paperbacks. Passionate about all things Hammer Horror related. Please check out myHammer and Beyond blog to keep up to date with all Hammer Film related news and reviews, also covering a range of other classic British 1960s and 70s cult productions. Always on the go, travelling near and far whenever I can. Travel + Food + Films and books = Bliss.”

Jake Laverde…is a lifelong consumer of all things geek. From an early age, he was shunned at large for liking Doctor Who and not football. An obsession with video games also hindered his social skills for many years. A regular consumer of all forms of animation and comics meant people would avoid talking to him at parties. He also served time in a comic shop for several years where he would regularly argue with customers over the price of Star Wars toys and explain the differences between season 1 and season 2 of Lost In Space DVDs to confused shoppers. Nowadays however, he is mostly found in the front row at comedy nights or propping up the bar at an intimate gig. He is eternally grateful for the Doctor Who revival for making it socially acceptable to say he’s a Doctor Who fan and he still doesn’t like football. Follow him on Twitter if you desire at

James Clayton…writes a weekly column published on Den of Geek every Friday generally focusing on film. An open-minded individual with an interest in all sorts of cinema, when he’s not watching obscure ancient movies he’s probably fantastically fighting the voices in his head and trying to find the path to enlightenment. He does a wide variety of other things because he fancies himself as a wise renaissance-man-cum-creative-wizard and more writings from his fevered mind can be found at

James CornishSince first watching the Star Wars trilogy at the age of six, James Cornish has been the self-appointed king of the geeks. He is a Doctor Who fan, vehemently opposes Georges Lucas’s continuous alterations to the Star Wars trilogy, and uses profanity far too liberally when writing. He also has a great love of hand drawn and stop-motion animation which, in his opinion, significantly outstrips CGI animation.

At the moment, he is studying Media Production at university and often wears a fez. The scripts for his currently unmade situation comedy Family Life can be viewed here.

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James Peaty… is an established comic-book writer both in the UK and US. James has worked on titles including Batman, Green Arrow and Supergirl for DC Comics. His online graphic novel, The Ballad Of Frank Sartre, is updated weekly and can be read at In addition to his comics career, James is represented by Alison Finch at the JFL Agency for writing for television and film. You can follow James on twitter at @barryegan1575.

James Sherlock… looks like a cross between Samwise Gamgee and Gimli the Dwarf.  James has had many invigorating coversations with himself, andhopes to one day progress to conversations with other people. Raisedon fantasy novels and sci-fi programmes, James studied EnglishLiterature at university, graduated and got quickly bored and startedwriting about the things he loves. He is relieved to now have anexcuse to watch too much television. Follow him

Jamie Hailstone…is a freelance journalist from West Sussex. He has interviewed everyone from Bernard Manning to Hazel Blears, but don’t hold that against him. Over the years, he has written for music mags like Clash, Bearded, Blues Matters, Maverick and Rock N’ Reel. He was also once the chief reporter on the local government publication Municipal Journal. Current faves include the American Office and anything that Ed Brubaker writes – although he’s not convinced about the return of Steve Rogers as Captain

Jennie Whitwood… is a retro-style scientist that likes costumes, DC Comics, superheroes, fancy dress and arguing about what is and isn’t possible in anything sci-fi. You can find Jennie on Twitter. @JennieWhitwood. Oh! She has a blog too, Fancy Dresscapades.Jenny Sanders…often gives succour to the bottom-of-the-barrel DVDs that no other Den Of Geek writers will touch. She consoles herself by collecting game-cards of old Hockey players, knocking out tunes on her violin with the Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra and continuing her lifelong commitment to locate and identify the perfect pizza. She also writes features, opinions and reviews for various magazines, including Micro Mart and World Poker Tour.

Joe Martin…is a games journalist and long-time fan of Marvel comics and cult movies. As well as writing for Den of Geek, Joe also manages and writes games content for PC gaming site and Custom PC magazine. His lifelong idol is Guybrush Threepwood and his hobbies include writing about himself in the third person.

Joseph EwensThis London-based journalist consumes all manner of geeky media, crunches it around in his brain for a bit and then churns it into artful prose. His primary focus is film, but he has written about video games, comics, and poker for a variety of websites and publications. You’re most likely to find him in his natural habitat, curled up on the sofa of his East London flat throwing words at a page. Either that or he’ll be sat in front of screens of various sizes, notepad or controller in hand. He’s also been known to hang around in a room with other nerds rolling dice with too many sides while pretending to be a wizard (but lets keep that between you and me). You can keep track of his professional work at, or peek into the spurious words he belches forth at and If you have the time, send him a message on twitter or email at

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Josh Barton…is a Lego-obsessed artist, designer and writer currently living in Ealing, West London. When not drawing comic books or figuring out the best way to dismember a zombie, he can often be found lecturing in animation and game design at a London university.

Karl Hodge… …is a writer, lecturer and current journalist. You can find hisjournalism in the computer section at WH Smith, his fiction and you’ll need £9000 a year if you want to be taught by him.

Kevin Pocock www.kevinpocock.comSelf-styled “writer, poet and cultural glutton”, Kevin is often found fingers furiously tapping the W, A, S and D in an effort to succeed at taking down an orc or hundred in Lord Of The Rings Online. But this isn’t to say he doesn’t get out. He gets to film screenings, gaming events, and even reads the odd book or two (and not even always fiction!). Considering all of this is when he’s not blogging, tweeting, fighting for Google rank, following his beloved football club, having a kickabout, or coming up with wordplays most dads would cringe at, it sounds like a rather stressful life….Don’t believe a word of it!

Louisa Mellor…is the editor of Her career in print began at the age of seven with the publication of what hindsight has since revealed to be a racist joke in Twinkle magazine. A lapsed English teacher, Louisa is an excellent speller who spends her free time correcting apostrophe misuse in birthday cards and graffiti. You can find her on Twitter @moviereviews and @Louisa_Mellor

Luke Holland… is a London-based freelance  writer who scribbles guff about film, TV, games, books, theatre, politics, and any other subject he knows little about yet about which he has formed stupid, groundless opinions. Blaming Red Dwarf, James Cameron and George Lucas for his continued aversion to direct sunlight and sports, he also to this day claims to have invented the ‘remote mine trick’ in Goldeneye, despite the fact that this is demonstrably a lie. Visit his site at, and follow him on Twitter @lukeholland01

Mark Harrison…is a Media student and committed Doctor Who fan whose ethos in film criticism reflects the role of Howard Beale, mad prophet of the airwaves, in the film Network. He’s going to bloody well shout himself hoarse with his opinions and you’re hopefully going to be very entertained. When he collapses in a faint, he’s not doing his job right unless you’re applauding wildly and taking on board nothing of what he actually said. His taste in films is simple. That’s simple, not stupid- Michael Bay need not apply. Find out more at his film review blog, The Mad Prophet, or follow him on Twitter at @MHarrison90.

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Mark Oakley“I’m a freelance geek writer and write reviews and features for Den of Geek. It’s possible that I watch too much TV and rent too many DVDs as I’ve started to mix up memories of real life with memories of films I’ve watched. I believe children and cinemas don’t mix, that Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory is the finest film ever made and one of my career highlights is interviewing the legend that is Jim Bowen. Contact me at to violently disagree with anything I’ve written or to discuss just how great Bruce Willis really is.”

Matt EdwardsDoG have been unable to shake Matt for over 2 years. His deluded claims of originality are an obvious cover for his inability to write a proper article like a real journalist. He might like to think that his often-controversial pieces are of some artistic worth; the truth is that he is arrogant, ill-informed and lucky to have his looks to fall back on. Having been described by his critics as a ‘muppet’, ‘IDIOT’ and ‘stupid asshole prick of satan’s bitch’, it’s hard to know why he bothers to gets up in the morning. You can tell him so at

Matt HaighMatt came to Den Of Geek via the effervescent one-time DoG editor Sarah Dobbs, the two of them sharing a love of watching trashy horror films and Hilary Duff films while intoxicated on cheap booze. Matt greatly enjoys werewolf pictures, despite being morbidly afraid of werewolves, and has held an obsession with Japanese culture since he can remember. Born of the Bad Influence generation, Matt is a huge gaming addict with a fondness for titles such as Night Trap, Double Switch and Resident Evil. He considers Shadow of the Colossus and the Final Fantasy series works of art. Link:

Michael Leader…is a London-based freelance journalist. He’s written online and in print about various geeky cultural topics, from video games and film, to comics and music. Check out more of his writing at

N P Horton …shot at by soldiers, attacked by Romans, put through an assault course by marines and taught sword fighting by a monk. This has been the Den Of Geek experience for Nick. Branching out, his writing includes pieces on World Cinema, gamification, and a far too generous review of Bad Teacher. He also works in television, but it’s definitely not as glamorous as he was led to believe. If you want to talk to him about anything, then email him at or follow him here.

Nick Smith…is the bestselling author of three novels, Milk Treading, The Kitty Killer Cult and Undead On Arrival. He lives in Miami, Florida. Nick is also an actor, film producer and director. His latest features are the action movie Cold Soldiers and Eight Graves, a haunted house movie.

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Parsley the Lion a.k.a. Andrew Ralph Godleman“I’m a Londoner with many costumes and an interest in cult TV. I’m involved with computing and websites. I’ve written for BBC News and I saw Star Trek first time, but my favourite programme is UFO. I model myself on Ed Straker in UFO, Batman (60s : Adam West), Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) and Prisoner/Danger Man John Drake. Inspired by soundtracks by Barry Gray and John Barry, I play Hammond organ, bass and sing. I write, perform and make records with obscure bands, and have made music for TV and films.”

Robert McLaughlin“Too much time as a youngster in front of a video recorder, Amiga and comic book collection has left me as a bit of a geek. I am sure as a child learning another language or the intricate aspects of particle science would be more useful way to spend my days, however a tartrazine fuelled childhood has instead left my brain crammed with obscure telly and computer game knowledge which at times does come in useful for my job as a media lecturer.”

Ronald HoganRon has been churning out vitriolic rants online and on paper since 1997. One of DoG’s original contributors and self-proclaimed US cultural ambassador, Ron has contributed to Micro Mart Magazine, worked as a freelance blogger for Fox Interactive Media, and taken on a variety of on-and-offline writing projects of questionable origin. Ron maintains a variety of websites and blogs on a multitude of subjects that generally only interest him, including sports, gadgetry, and unusual or humorous news items. He loves post-apocalyptic scenarios, B-movies, and shameless self promotion, but not in that order. Find more interesting news and views by Ron at

Rory Cooper… is a humanoid bipedal life form who enjoys a wide variety of videogames, movies, books and TV shows. By day a mild mannered graphic designer with dreams of writing, and by night a talentless writer with dreams of being able to string a sentence together. He doesn’t write a lot of articles for DoG but the ones he does are usually be described as ‘poor to average’. Standing at 5’7”, shelves hold no fear for Rory unless they are particularly lofty. He often writes sentences and passes them onto the world via Twitter.

Ryan LambieRyan’s earliest claim to fame was the publication of a ranting letter in forgotten nineties gaming mag Sega Power. Since then he’s always looked back, and now specialises in his own brand of odd games-and-culture-related rambling.  He also writes a weekly gaming section and reviews things for Micro Mart magazine, and once won five pounds for a short story about a house full of beetles. When he’s not writing, Ryan enjoys hunting around dusty shops for leather bound books, and is convinced that one day he’ll find his own copy of the Necronomicon which will unlock the dark mysteries of the universe. Ryan is Assistant Editor at Den Of Geek.

Seb Patrick … lives in North London, likes it when things travel in time, and wants to be John Constantine when he grows up. You can find out far more than you’d ever want to know about the things he writes and the places he writes them in at his website, He is filmed before a live studio audience, contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, and does not affect your statutory rights.

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Stephen BrayOf an evening, Stephen is a freelance writer for things of a sci-fi nature. Sometimes he is also a freelance writer for things of a musical nature. Stephen also enjoys doing interviews with people who are of either a sci-fi or musical nature. On other evenings he is the frontman in one of those ‘Next Big Thing’ bands that never actually are, and on yet more evenings, he is one of the people behind ace Manchester Theatrical and Musical night “A Cabinet of Curiosity”. On other evenings (usually a Wednesday) he does genealogy. During his days he is a civil servant with quite an exciting job. Occasionally he sleeps.

Stu AndersonBorn in nineteen-eighty-something to Mr and Mrs Anderson, Stu was was introduced to Terminator, Robocop and Aliens a long time before he was old enough to be watching them. However, film became his passion early on, with writing following shortly after. Stu’s three desert island films would be Taxi Driver, Annie Hall, and Toy Story, but this depends on finding a working DVD player on said desert island. Stu also currently writes about Edinburgh for the travel website Spotted by Locals, and has his own film blog: Stu’s Adventures in Cinema.

Terence Bowman… is a Montreal-based actor, comedian, writer and all around pop culture geek. With many years of professional experience both in front of and behind the scenes, Terence knows TV and film backwards and forwards, inside and out,  from the ground up plus a third directional metaphor for his pop culture expertise to be named later.

Terence’s favourite books of all time are Moby Dick by Herman Melville, The Last Temptation by Nikos Kazantzakis and The Ewoks Fun Time Activity Book by Chirpa and Pamploo.

He is a member of the the critically acclaimed sketch Canadian sketch comedy troupe, The Vestibules (who are best know for their popular surreal spoken word sketch “Bulbous Bouffant”). He is also an founding member of On The Spot Improv, one of Canada’s longest running improv troupes and is a member in good standing of the Battery of the Month Club. Terence can be contacted via either his blog or his website.

Timon Singh Ever since his uncle first traumatised him by showing him the original Star Trek episode Devil In The Dark when he was five, Timon Singh has been hooked on sci-fi and monster movies. For years, he has bored his friends and family with inane movie trivia, but since leaving university and taking up writing full-time, he has discovered it’s much more entertaining to do it to the masses. Unfortunately, he has bills to pay so is often found writing dull industry articles, but secretly he is counting down the days for the next big monster movie, the next Ridley Scott historical epic or the next time a filmmaker tries to smash two genres together to create a concept as awesome as the forthcoming Gladiators Vs Werewolves. You can reach Timon here.

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If you’ve contributed to Den Of Geek and want to be included in this list, get in touch.