Doctor Who: Kylie confirmed

News on the Doctor Who Christmas special, and the brilliantly-kept secret that Kylie Minogue is going to be in it

The Tardis at Christmas. Before a big ship smashed into the side of it

You’d think that the end of a series of Doctor Who would give us other things to write about, but it seems that it isn’t so. Because it’s now been confirmed what every tabloid newspaper was reporting a month or so ago, that Kylie Minogue is joining the crew of the Tardis for the Christmas special.

Rumours persist that she’s going to be playing a cyberwoman, and it’ll be interesting to see if that’s true, off the back of the supposed taster at the end of The Last Of The Time Lords with – sigh – the Titanic crashing through the Tardis.

The episode, entitled Voyage Of The Damned, is being written again by Russell T Davies.

We weren’t big fans of last year’s Christmas special, and our Who morale has been battered a bit again, but we’ll never give up the faith. Provided they don’t get Peter Kay back.

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