Den of Geek’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

Check out the best Valentine's Day gifts from our friends at Spencer's!

Editor’s note: This article comes from the Den of Geek commerce team and is part of our affiliate program with Spencer’s Gifts. A small portion of proceeds from sales go to Den of Geek.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so with the help of our friends over at Spencer’s Online, we rummaged through their online inventories for appropriately romantic and geeky gifts for the occasion.

While not all of our selections are of the hardcore romantic variety, they all make great gifts for your significant others and anyone else in your life you want to use February 14th to platonically appreciate. These are better than real flowers (which will wither and die), fake flowers (which are tacky), and a box of chocolate (which you’ll probably eat halfway through yourself because chocolate is the best and we’re all subjects of sins and temptations).

Or, if you don’t have someone to give anything to, look through our lists anyway and treat yourself. You’re loved and you deserve it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

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Books and Comics


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Rebels Rogue One T-Shirt

You can wear this T-shirt to outings with your loved ones, while relaxing at home, or when finding your calling as the leader of a rogue rebellion unit headed for Planet Scarif to steal the Death Star schematics. Truly a multi-purpose outerwear.

Buy the Rebels Rogue One T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Wallet

While this Fantastic Beasts wallet does not come enchanted with an Undetectable Extension Charm, it does come with a guarantee that you will enchant the Harry Potter nerd you give it to.

Buy the Fantastic Beasts Wallet at Spencer’s

Jack Skellington Misfit Love T-Shirt

This Jack Skellington Misfit Love shirt is relevant on Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Buy Jack Skellington Misfit Love T-Shirt at Spencer’s


Movie Logo T-Shirt – Suicide Squad

Show your love for your #sqwad (and the movie) with this fashionable, officially licensed movie logo T-shirt. 

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Buy the Suicide Squad Logo T-Shirt at Spencer’s  

Rey Star Wars Hooded Dress

Imagine force-crushing the hearts of your enemies as you strut down the catwalk (sidewalk) in this dress.

Buy the Rey Star Wars Hooded Dress at Spencer’s 

Darth Vader Mask Ring

Us: You will give your significant other this Darth Vader Mask Ring for Valentine’s Day.You: I will give my significant other this Darth Vader Mask Ring for Valentine’s Day.

Buy the Darth Vader Mask Ring at Spencer’s 

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Plush Toy

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot? I am Groot! I. Am. GROOT! I am Groot.

Buy the Groot Guardiants of the Galaxy Plush Toy at Spencer’s 

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Poster Jaws T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong buying your significant other a JawsT-shirt. You just can’t. What are they going to do? Get mad at you for buying them a shirt of one of the greatest movies of all times

Buy the Poster Jaws T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Artist Series Ghostbusters Puzzle 

This romantic 550-piece Ghostbusterspuzzle is guaranteed to have you and your boo up all night (in competitive despair and frustration). *winky face*

Buy the Ghostbusters Puzzle at Spencer’s 

E.T. Moon Scene T-Shirt

Our review: Better than the three wolves howling at the moon T-shirt. Highly recommended for couples and singles alike. Actual E.T. not included.

Buy the E.T. Moon Scene T-Shirt at Spencer’s 



The Many Moods of Tina T-Shirt

Help yourself better express all nine of your inner emotions this Valentine’s Day with this incredible Tina Belcher T-shirt!

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Buy the Many Moods of Tina T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Supernatural Clue Collectors Edition

Renewed for a 13th season, the life spans of this show and its fandom are quite frankly—pardon our French—supernatural; there are some fans out there who’ve been following the Winchester brothers’ journey for twelve years. And if you know any of them very personally, know that this Supernaturaledition of Clue would be the perfect gift for them.

Buy the Supernatural Clue Board Game at Spencer’s 

Breaking Bad Chem Lab T-Shirt

Breaking Bad will never be irrelevant and neither will this shirt. Wear your love for one of modern television’s greatest series with pride! 

Buy the Breaking Bad Chem Lab T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Rick and Morty T-Shirt

The two moods of Valentine’s Day’s end, perfectly exemplified by Rick and Morty.

Buy the Rick and Morty T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Game Of Thrones Stark Direwolf Kit

“A direwolf will rip a man’s arm off his shoulder as easily as a dog will kill a rat.” — Eddard Stark

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Are you tempted to own one yet?

Buy the Game of Thrones Stark Direwolf Kit at Spencer’s


Fsociety Mr. Robot T-Shirt

While this shirt will not give you Mr. Robot’s god-like hacking ability, it can help you procur kind, encouraging comments from others such as “Nice shirt!” and “I love that show, it’s a great show!” Because it is a nice shirt and it is a great show.

Buy the Fsociety Mr. Robot T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Simpsons Homer Character Apron

Described as, “This is the perfect apron for when you come home from the nuclear power plant and you’re ready to bake some donuts!” True. Very true.

Buy the Simpsons Homer Character Apron at Spencer’s  

Agents Of SHIELD LED Watch

You or someone dear to you can now join the ranks of Melinda May and Daisy Johnson with this Agent of SHIELD watch. (Actual SHIELD membership not included… but it’s still cool to dream.)

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Buy the Agents of SHIELD LED Watch at Spencer’s 

Group Star Trek T-Shirt

Get your significant other this classic Star Trek T-shirt because they obviously love Star Trek. How could they not? It’s Star Trek.

Buy the Group Star Trek T-Shirt at Spencer’s 


Adventure Time “Come at Me Bro” T-Shirt 

Show that you’re ready to fight for the last bag of Hershey’s Kisses at your nearest superstore with this officially licensed Adventure Time “Come at Me Bro” T-shirt. 

Buy the Adventure Time “Come at Me Bro” T-Shirt at Spencer’s 

Comics & Books:

My Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

Have fun and have fun on Valentine’s Day with this not-safe-for-work coloring book, featuring 20 different pages with perfoated sides for easy removal. 

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Buy the My Valentine’s Day Coloring Book at Spencer’s

Black Widow Muscle Tank Top

Impress the bejesus out of your enemies with an eyeful of your strong, sensual biceps by wearing this Black Widow tank top. 

Buy the Black Widow Muscle Tank Top at Spencer’s

Deadpool Fragrance For Mens

Matt Murdock once said Deadpool smell like “gunpowder, sadness, and Sriracha.” Now you, too, can smell like those attractive scents with Deadpool’s Frangrance For Mens. (Contains no actual Sriracha.) 

Buy the Deadpool Fragrance For Men at Spencer’s 

Gryffindor Harry Potter Cardigan

Only a notch down from Molly Weasley’s infamous initial sweaters, this cardigan is designed to make you feel right at home at Hogwarts (even if you’re over seventeen, a Muggle, and not in Britain). 

Buy the Gryffindor Harry Potter Cardigan at Spencer’s

Joker and Harley American Gothic T-Shirt

Show your appreciation for DC Comics’ sickest supervillain power couple and 20th century American art at the same time with this Joker and Harley American Gothic T-shirt.

Buy the Joker and Harley American Gothic T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Harley Quinn Pajama Set

This is for that one person who absolutely must have to can’t not cosplay Harley Quinn every single moment of their waking day. We know you’re out there.

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For everyone else, check out this cute pajama set.

Buy the Harley Quinn Pajama Set at Spencer’s

Punisher Bottle Opener

Open your next bottle of beer like a boss and know that Frank Castle’s spirit is with you in the form of this bottle opener.

Buy the Punisher Bottle Opener at Spencer’s 

Batman Harley Bullet Band Watch

Make your frenemy-ship official with these Batman and Harley watches. 

Buy the Batman Harley Bullet Band Watch at Spencer’s 


Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game

Which of you in the relationship love Harry Potter more? Battle it out on Valentine’s Day with this trivial pursuit game. With six trivia categories and 600 questions, you also can play this game on-the-go with its portable wedge holder.

Buy the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game at Spencer’s 

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Satin Wonder Woman Bath Robe

Silky smooth and empowering, this is the bath robe for all the wonder women out there on a tight budget. 

Buy the Satin Wonder Woman Bath Robe at Spencer’s 


Face It Mario Nintendo Raglan Shirt

This is a perfectly respectable Mario long-sleeve shirt. It’s largely gray with two red sleeves, and has Mario’s giant face printed right in the center on the front. What more can you ask for?

Buy the Face It Mario Nintendo Raglan Shirt at Spencer’s

Pokémon Kanto Grid Poster

Throw back to Gen 1 on Valentine’s Day with this poster featuring all 151 of the original Pokémon that you and everybody in your extended family love.

Buy the Pokémon Kanto Grid Poster at Spencer’s 

Character Pokémon Dress

Like the poster? The non-pant-wearers of your life would love this casual, Pokémon-covered dress. Perfect for walking around your local park to catch those ten Pidgeys on Pokémon Go! on a sunny day, this skate-styled dress is the investment to make and the gift to give.

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Buy the Character Pokémon Dress at Spencer’s

Batman Arkham Knight City Long Sleeve Shirt

Warm, dark, gritty, this Batman shirt is perfect for a chilly day in Gotham’s Arkham Aslyum. Or a chilly day in a normal home in a normal city.

Buy the Arkham Knight Long Sleeve Shirt at Spencer’s 

Shadow Link The Legend of Zelda Dog Tag Necklace

What a spot on Valentine’s Day gift for either that loyal canine friend in your life or the biggest Legend of Zelda nerd you know.

Buy the Shadow Link Dog Tag Necklace at Spencer’s

Byte Me Pacman T-Shirt

One of the best, most concise puns to ever be put on a shirt. A must have.

Buy the Byte Me Pacman T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Key Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt

Regardless of what you think about Kingdom Hearts, the yellow on this shirt is a really nice contrast against the light blue design and the darker blue base. Normally, blue and yellow don’t go together, but they made it pretty aesthetically pleasing this time. 

Buy the Key Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Pokémon Trainer T-Shirt

Get this shirt for the elite Pokémon trainer in your life to show your love and support for their near unattainable goal to catch them all.

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Buy the Pokémon Trainer T-Shirt at Spencer’s

World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game

Remember the brutality of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre this February 14 with the World of Warcraft Monopoly board game. Only play if you’re prepared to end at least half of your friendships though.

Buy the World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game at Spencer’s

Live By The Creed T-Shirt

Pledge your pan-generational love and loyalty to the Assassins with this simple, yet to the point, Live By the Creed T-shirt.

Buy the Live By The Creed T-Shirt at Spencer’s