Den of Geek wishlist: Allspark USB hub

Clearly, Megatron and co were just after the Allspark so that they could plug in their digital camera at the same time as their printer, MP3 player, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Allspark Hub

Fancy a new car? Well, if you bought this Allspark 4-port USB hub, advertised it for sale on eBay, and then sat back and waited, you might be able to trick some really stupid Transformer into thinking that this is the real McGuffin they’re looking for. And then you can get them to transform into a car, and somehow sedate them so they can never transform into a robot again, and then…

Yeah, okay, stupid plans like that are the reason I’m not in charge of the world right now. But as computer peripherals go, this is actually pretty cool, don’t you think? Spec-wise, I know sod all about it other than that it doesn’t need its own power source, since it can work off your computer via USB (though it’d be a pretty crap Allspark if you had to plug the blasted thing in, wouldn’t it?) and that it has 4 USB ports, but I do know that it looks awesome.

Sounds awesome, too, apparently, since it plays a soundclip (“We must protect the Allspark Cube”) whenever you plug in any new hardware or press a secret button, but essentially what it’s good for is signalling to anyone and everyone at your home or office that you’re a great big geek.

Mind you, if they can identify it on sight, so are they.

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