Dana Carvey Pulls Out All His Voices in Under a Minute

Former SNLer Dana Carvey does a quick riff through his repertoire with a little help from famous friends.

Comedian Dana Carvey demonstrates the power of editing in a fast-paced riff of impressions in a new video for Vanity Fair. Mimicry can get old pretty fast, look at Rich Little, but this clip is boiled down to set up and punch line.

Carvey proved himself a voice master on Saturday Night Live when parodied George H. W. Bush so recognizably the nation could never listen to the president the same way again and opted to just read his lips. Carvey performs 15 impressions. He captures the essence of each personality in a moment, sometimes without any words.

Carvey’s “nano-impressions” last about a second each and include Bill Clinton trying to get his wedding ring out of a garbage disposal, Ronald Reagan trying pass off an expired coupon at a grocery store and George H.W. Bush balking on a diving board. “Not gonna do it,” he says as he edges away.

Carvey goes into Curb Your Enthusiam’s Larry David territory to give voice to Bernie Sanders helping kids cross the road.” He brings out the human side of Charlie Sheen, who “tries to hail a cab with someone in it” and Scarface himself Tony Montana asking for potatoes at a Thanksgiving dinner, Owen Wilson refusing to share his gummy worms and former 007, Sean Connery, agreeing to go on vacation in Spain.

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Carvey also brings some voices from the past into the digital world: Jimmy Stewart trying to figure out if he just got added by someone on LinkedIn; Cary Grant getting frustrated on Tinderm, “Well I can’t believe it, everybody’s hideous,” and Johnny Carson appraising the music video for Kanye West’s song “Famous.”

Carvey does two Donald Trump takes. One of the presumptive nominee putting on ChapStick and one where he realizes he split his pants.

It looks like Dana Carvey is doing warmup up for his reality show First Impressions, the game show that pits America’s best up-and-coming impressionists against each other in a competition to the death, in the event the USA Network renews it.

Carvey can most recently be heard playing an old dog named Pops in The Secret Life of Pets.



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