Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story Trailer and Release Date

You're the blessed. He's a spider from Mars. Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story will tour theaters starting September 1.

“It seems amazing that the Spiders were only together for eighteen months,” the Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story trailer says. It is even more amazing that the guitarist who provided the classic licks to David Bowie’s defining album isn’t a house hold name.

Mick Ronson wanted to be a cellist when he was a kid. He was classically trained on the piano, recorder, violin, and the harmonium before he heard Duane Eddy and plugged a guitar into an amp. Best known for his work with David Bowie and Ian Hunter, Ronson started his career in bands like The Mariners, The Crestas and The Rats before he hit the studios as a session man for Elton John’s album Tumbleweed Connection.

Bowie snatched up the string virtuoso to create one of the great collaborations in rock. Ronson would go on to play on Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour, Lou Reed’s Transformer album and John Mellencamp’s hit “Jack and Diane.” Ronson also recorded solo albums before he died in 1993 at the age of 46.

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story is narrated by Bowie.  It will feature live footage, previously unreleased backstage footage, and unseen Mick Rock photographs. It is produced by Emperor Media Ltd and director Jon Brewer.

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“Both Mick Ronson and David Bowie together were the ultimate duo. They performed and recorded like magicians and created masterpieces that will live on forever,” Brewer said in a statement.

“From his humble beginnings working for Hull City Council to a career in the spotlight, playing alongside David Bowie and taking his place in the Rock Hall of Fame,” read the official synopsis on the Cardinal Releasing web site.

Beside Bowie will provide insight into the life and career-long associations of Mick Ronson, who played most famously with David Bowie (with whom Ronson played guitar on The Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory, The Rise Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, and Aladdin Sane), as well as other greats including Bob Dylan, Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Lulu and Lou Reed, amongst a wealth of others.

“Working closely with members of Ronson’s family, Jon Brewer continues his tradition of intimate access and authenticity in chronicling the life and works of this man, a cornerstone of Rock.”

You can watch the trailer here:

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story will tour theaters nationwide starting September 1. It will be released on home video on October 27.