Attention Collectors! A Major TV Show Wants to Meet You!

A TV show on a major cable network is looking for people with exceptional collections of pop culture memorabilia.

Do you have the world’s most complete collection of Star Wars toys? A comic book collection that resembles the Library of Congress? A video game room that consists of nothing but vintage consoles and cartridges…or even arcade cabinets? Maybe it’s something even weirder and more specific than all of these things.

Well, you’re in luck. There’s a television show on a major cable network out there that wants to meet Den of Geek readers with exceptional collections. The key word here is “exceptional.” Look, we’ve all got boxes of comics under our beds (right?) but think a little bigger for this.

Please send an e-mail to with the word “collection” in the subject line, and answer as many of these questions as you can:

Why did you start to build your collection, what is it that makes the items you collect so unique?

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Please tell us about the collection – period, make, rarity etc.

Is there any particular piece that you are proud of or that stands out in your collection?

What is your favorite piece?

How do you store and maintain your collection?

If you don’t mind telling us, how much do you think you have invested in your collection so far?

What pieces are you looking for / missing from your collection?

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What do you hope to do with your collection in the long term?

What is the next stage for the collection?

What do your family and friends think about your collection?

How does collecting fit in with work, free time?

Where do you find your items and how do you build your collection?

Good luck!

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