X-Men: Colossus and Kitty Pryde Wedding Set for June

Guggenheim & Marquez team for Colossus & Shadowcat's wedding in X-Men: Gold.

By my count, there have been two major wedding issues of X-Men comics. The first was Cyclops and Jean Grey back in 1994’s X-Men#30. The second was Northstar and Kyle in Astonishing X-Men#51 in 2012. No, I don’t count Black Panther and Storm because it happened in his book, not an X-Men comic. Yes, I suppose we could count Meggan and Captain Britain in Excalibur #125. No, Quicksilver and Crystal were married in the pages of Avengers…you know what, why are you arguing with me? Yes I know we’re all X-Men fans and that’s what we do. Let me finish this, please.

ANYWAY we’re about to have big X-Men wedding number three four this June, as Marc Guggenheim pays off the story he’s been working on since the launch of X-Men: Goldwith the wedding of Shadowcat and Colossus in issue 30, and to help tell the story, Marvel brought in some big guns. David Marquez, aka the only reason to look at Civil War 2, joins Guggenheim on art for the wedding issue.

The story runs for five issues starting in April’s #26. Diego Bernard, Michele Bandini and Gerardo Borges handle art on the lead ups, while Phil Noto contributes covers to each. “After nearly 40 years, I’m extremely excited — and anxious — about telling the next chapter in Kitty and Peter’s epic love story,” said Guggenheim. “The wedding is the capstone on a story that is classic X-Men, with Kitty risking it all to save the man she loves.”

The two have been a star-crossed pairing almost since Kitty was introduced to the X-Men during the Dark Phoenix saga, in Uncanny X-Men#129. They were a pretty serious couple right up until they were forced apart during Secret Warsand have been rotating deaths as a means to keep them apart ever since – first Colossus died to cure the Legacy Virus, then Kitty more or less died to stop a giant bullet from destroying Breakworld in Astonishing X-Menthen Magneto brought her back but Colossus got all hopped up on Phoenix Force and had to use Domino as a rebound. But now they’re good! Kitty is leading the Gold team, and Peter is being her gentle rock, and they’re gonna get married this June, because that’s when everybody gets married. 

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