X-Force Return Announced by Marvel

Old X-Force meets up with Young Cable in this brand new chapter of X-Men's edgier counterpart.

Currently, Ed Brisson is doing a miniseries called Extermination along with Pepe Larraz that focuses on the whole original-X-Men-transported-into-the-present-and-stuck-there-for-way-too-long subplot of the mutant corner of Marvel. While we’re only two issues in, some serious shit has happened, including the death of Cable. Not only is Nathan Summers dead (kind of negating some recent Deadpool stuff, but no matter), but the guy pulling the trigger was…Nathan Summers.

More specifically, a very young Nathan Summers. Turns out the whole youngster X-traveler thing is hereditary.

There’s still three more issues of Extermination to come out and figure out what’s happening with Ahab and all that, but the ripples of Cable’s death will lead to a brand new series this December. Ed Brisson will be teaming up with Dylan Burnett to give us X-Force.

Which is kind of funny when you realize that this isn’t the first time X-Force relaunched in response to Cable dying.

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This time, it’s more of a classic team. Domino’s there, as well as Cannonball, Warpath, Boom-Boom, Shatterstar and Deathlok. I mean, Deathlok wasn’t part of the original stretch of X-Force, but he was in a recent version and he’s 90s as hell. Looking at the cover, Young Cable will be part of the team, even if the concept of the series is X-Force coming together to get revenge on him.

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“Coming out of EXTERMINATION, Domino, Shatterstar, Cannonball, and Warpath are reeling from the loss of their mentor and have unanswered questions,” Brisson told Marvel.com in an interview. “They’re on the hunt for this new Kid Cable to get those answers—some want his head, some just want to talk to him to find out what the hell is going on. Is this really their Cable? Is this an impostor?”

“X-Force has always been the one X-team that stood out the most for me,” added Burnett. “A lot of my favorite mutants have belonged to it over the years (namely Cable and Psylocke) but being able to bring back the original lineup in a new way is a huge honor. They’re just a bunch of badasses. It’s dope. I’m stoked.”

X-Force #1 will be released on December 26.

Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and wonders how long until Young Stryfe shows up. Read more of his work here. Follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L

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