Wonder Woman Faces Grail for the Fate of Themyscira

Get your first look at Wonder Woman #75 right here!

Wonder Woman 75 Preview

There are two things I really dig about Wonder Woman #75. The first is the art. Specifically, Xermanico’s work on the big double-page splashes. You’ll see one in the preview below that DC sent over, but they persist throughout the issue.

Many great Wonder Woman artists have used the technique of illuminating the gutters with ancient Greek-looking artwork. It’s a trick that adds atmosphere to a book, which is so important to the comic reading experience. It’s so easy to go from one-word balloon to the next and not slow down to take in the totality of the story the page is trying to tell. Things like illuminated page gutters or quirky panel flow help pull readers out of that literal reading of a comic to make sure you’re appreciating the full scope of the work.

The second isn’t in the preview. It actually comes a couple of pages after the ones below, but it’s so good that I want to spoil it a little, and I think I can get away with it. As you can see, Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) has captured Themyscira and Hippolyta. Diana and some others are in Dimension Chi, a pocket universe created by Hippolyta, and are preparing to retake her home. Wonder Woman talks with Antiope about her plans, and writer G. Willow Wilson gives us what I kind of see as a brilliant encapsulation of Diana as a character, a sort of Grand Unified Theory of Wonder Woman.

Talking about Grail, she says, “Perhaps we can negotiate a peace…she will see the benefit of avoiding armed conflict.” When Antiope replies basically “Nah, ain’t happening,” Diana tells her, “Then we have no choice but to prepare for battle.”

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Do everything in your power to avoid conflict – give your opponent every chance to walk away before it reaches that point and find a way to peace if at all possible. And if not, then kick the living hell out of them.

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Admittedly, that isn’t especially comprehensive. Wonder Woman as a character is vastly more complex than that, and being a comic book character who fulfills a handful of heroic archetypes, she can have an almost infinite number of additional archetypes grafted onto her. But ultimately, this is all I personally want out of a Diana book. I really appreciate that Wilson is writing this kind of Diana. All told, I’m psyched to keep following this run, and I think I can’t wait for it to come out in trade so I can have it hanging around my house for the long run. 

Here’s what DC has to say about the issue.



At last, after years of exile: Wonder Woman returns to Themyscira! But in the wake of Ares’ escape from his prison, the island is no longer the paradise she remembers… and the Amazons are no longer a united people! Disaster has forced Hippolyta’s warriors to choose a deadly new ally, and Wonder Woman is powerless to convince them to turn back to the light! Who among the Amazons could possibly change the course of history? Only one: Diana’s long-lost aunt, Antiope! A major figure of the Wonder Woman mythos returns in this extra-sized anniversary issue!

Plus, Lex Luthor visits fellow Legion of Doom member Cheetah. He comes bearing gifts: a mythical weapon, one rumored to be able to kill anything—even a god. Or, in Wonder Woman’s case, a demi-god.

And here are your preview pages. Take a look!