Wonder Woman #24 – Exclusive First Look

We have your first look as Rucka & Evely close in on the end.

DC sent along an exclusive preview of the upcoming Wonder Woman#24, the second to last issue of Greg Rucka’s run as writer on the title, which continues to tie up the last of these story threads from the last year.

Here’s the official solicitation info from DC, and you can check out the preview pages in the galleries at the top and bottom of this page:

WONDER WOMAN #24 Written by GREG RUCKA • Art and cover by BILQUIS EVELY • Variant cover by JENNY FRISON Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. “Godwatch” epilogue! With Godwatch’s purpose fulfilled, Diana and Cale are forced to confront the choices of the past…and a new direction for the future.

Since Rebirth kicked off, Wonder Woman, with its interweaving stories, has been a perfect introduction to Diana and her world for anyone just coming to the comics because they’re interested in the movie. But there’s something more important about Diana’s universe that I want to discuss:

While Wonder Womanthe movie was a triumph, when was the last time you went to see a comic book movie and could immediately go to the shop and grab a perfect distillation of that movie’s themes and musings on its central character the way you could with this movie and last week’s Wonder Woman Annual? I very nearly popped over to my shop, gave my crew a $20 and said “give the annual to the next 4 kids under 12 who walk through that door.”

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Rucka and Nicola Scott’s story about the first encounter of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was incredible, but each story in the annual did a terrific job of examining a component of Diana’s character and showing why she is unique and powerful not only in her fights with kaiju or against the Markovian army, but as a symbol and a part of the DCU as a whole. A lot of the credit goes to the individual storytelling teams – Rucka and Scott on the Trinity origin; Vita Ayala and Claire Roe (who is AMAZING) on the King Shark story in Markovia; Michael Moreci and Stephanie Hans on one about Diana’s honor; and Jackson Lanzig, Colin Kelley and David LaFuente on one about Diana’s battle with a kaiju – but we should send some similar praise to the editorial team, who scheduled, planned and facilitated this book in a way that will certainly capture new fans of Diana’s.

Wonder Woman#24, the second to last issue of Greg Rucka’s run and the beginning of the end wrapping up multiple big storylines, is due out on Wednesday, June 14th.

Check out what he and Bilquis Evely have put together: