Who Is The Mysterious New Power Ranger?

We spoke with writer Kyle Higgins about this addition to the Mighty Morphin mythos.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Power Rangers #11.

Power Rangers fans were shocked at the end of issue #9 of the current comic series when a new Ranger was revealed, one that combined elements of both the Green and White Rangers. While issue #10 was a break in the story, issue #11 returned and revealed just who this ranger is. Kyle Higgins, the writer of the comic, spoke with us about the inspiration for this new Ranger and plans for the future.

A lot of theories had been thrown out about who Lord Drakkon was but the end of the issue revealed it was none other then an alternate universe version of Tommy. Higgins knew this might seem like an easy answer to the mystery but it was right for what’s coming up in the plot, “The real story is about how our Rangers react to it– particularly Tommy– and the story of how Drakkon came to be.”

Drakkon’s Ranger design echos a popular theme of Power Rangers cosplayers, mashing up the Green and White Rangers. Higgins admits that there wasn’t any direct inspiration and more the needs of the story dictated combining elements of both Rangers. Plus, Saban was “gung-ho” about introducing a new Ranger.

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Going forward, Drakkon will serve as a way of Tommy confronting his own actions. A somewhat literal looking in the mirror for his character. This more grounded take on the character stands in stark contrast to the series, which tended to be a bit more campier. It’s been Higgins’ goal to update and modernize the series and really take advantage of the monthly comics format.

“I’m much more interested in the emotional stakes and drama of a story. I’ve used this line before, but the best way I can describe what I’m trying to do with the book is that I’m not writing the Power Rangers as they existed, or as I remember them. I’m writing them as I remember them making me feel.”

While Higgins is blazing a new trail in Power Rangers, there are some nods to the franchise’s history. In issue #11 the Thunder Zords were spotted around the Command Center and even Saba put in an appearance. Introducing these sorts of elements much earlier then they were in season one was, as Higgins described, something Saban Brands was super supportive of as long as it aided the story. They aren’t beholden to what’s come before, but changes to the universe are, “always a conversation.”

So is Higgins steeped in the lore of the show enough to know what to draw from?

“I’m steeped enough. I haven’t seen the whole thing, no. But I know where to go when I have questions and I own the whole thing. So, when need be, I’ll pop episodes on.”

The first year of the series has heavily focused on Tommy’s and how his character has changed the Power Rangers universe. Will we be seeing more of the other Rangers in future issues? Higgins teases, “the focus is going to start shifting as our next big story starts to take shape. Tommy was always designed to be my window into this new version of the world, but it’s a team book.”

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Issue #12 promises to reveal the origin behind this alternate take on Tommy.

If you haven’t caught up on Boom’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic series, do it. It’s the best Power Rangers story on the market, TV or comic, by far.

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