Watch the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Here!

The first official trailer for Captain America 2 is action-packed, and gives us our first look at Anthony Mackie's Falcon in action!

The first official trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is here, and it doesn’t look like any of the Marvel movies that came before it. The film’s directors, Joe and Anthony Russo have described the film as inspired by political thrillers as much as by action and superhero films, and while there isn’t much “political thriller” necessarily on display here, there’s plenty of action, and a surprisingly grounded, realistic look to some of the proceedings, especially as compared to some of the more stylish elements of Captain America: The First Avenger.

Check out this action-packed trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and you can read our analysis of the trailer right here!


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in US theaters on April 4th, 2014. It stars Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford, Scarlett Johansson, and Anthony Mackie (as the Falcon!). 


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