Vixen Takes on Prometheus in Justice League of America #19

The best villain of the current Justice League of America run returns for a throwdown with Vixen.

Steve Orlando and Hugo Petrus first collaborated on 2015’s Midnighter, one of the best comics of the New 52 era. It was so perfect because it made Prometheus, a villain introduced in Grant Morrison’s JLA, such a colossal badass. It was also perfect because Orlando, Petrus and ACO made the fights a glorious symphony of violence, illustrating Midnighter and Prometheus’s fight computer brains in a way that was innovative, creative and vividly fascinating all at the same time.

So imagine the glee in the air when Prometheus (and Midnighterbit player Afterthought, the precognitive fighting expert) showed up in Orlando and Petrus’s Justice League of America. There aren’t many better teams to be writing and drawing these characters, and as you can tell from the preview DC sent over, they are working it really well. Here’s what they have to say about this issue, the second part of the story arc:

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #19 Written by STEVE ORLANDO Art by HUGO PETRUS Cover by CARLOS D’ANDA “SURGICAL STRIKE” part two! Joined by the precognitive villain Afterthought, Prometheus brings the fight directly to the JLA’s Secret Sanctuary in Happy Harbor! With her team on the ropes, Vixen goes toe-to-toe with Prometheus, whose demands are simple: destroy the Tantu Totem before the whole world and submit to chaos, or watch everyone in Happy Harbor die!

Take a look at the preview pages. There’s a LOT of Lobo punching and being punched in here. 


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