Venom Stop Motion Series Revealed

The offbeat Venomverse corner of the Marvel Universe is also a stop motion animation web series.

During the Friday Marvel House of Ideas panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced that everyone’s favorite killer symbiote Venom now has something in common with Gumby. Marvel unveiled a series of stop motion shorts featuring the Venom-ized characters of Venomverse.

“There is this really gnarly stop motion thing we’re doing for Venomverse,” Marvel Executive Editor and VP of Digital Publishing told the NYCC crowd before rolling the footage of a Venomi-ized Rocket Raccoon, X-23, and other recognizable Marvel icons along with Eddie Brock himself encountering a really impressive looking stop motion Carnage. The footage looked like old school claymation and the retro aesthetic really wrked for the creepy symbiotes of the Marvel Universe.

“It’s all done with stop motion and clay,” Lowe informed the crowd. “It’s not computer stuff. It’s so cool, and the guy who does it- a dude named Mr. Oz – he did one where he exploded one of the characters which we can’t even show you because we’re a family company.”

Lowe went on to explain the concept of Venomverse. “It’s a huge event we’re doing where every type of Venom you can imagine comes together. It’s a play off our Spiderverse event. It has Eddie Brock Venom, Captain America Venom, Spider-Man Venom, Rocket Raccoon Venom, Deadpool Venom, and they go up against a group of monsters called the Poisons.”

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As for the stop motion shorts, Lowe said that there will be one short for every issue of the prelude series Edge of Venomverse and one issue each for Venomverse proper.

Fans enjoying the symbiote insanity of the Venomverse event miniseries by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Iban Coello will be able to enhance the tongue lashing terror with Marvel’s surprisingly cool stop motion chaos on Marvel’s YouTube channel and So if you ever wanted to see a Gumby-like Carnage get all ultra-violent on a group of killer aliens, now Marvel has you covered. 

Check some out right now and then head to YouTube for the rest!

Stay tuned to Den of Geek all weekend for more big news from the floor of New York Comic Con. And if you’re good, there’s even more Venom news to come.