Venom Returns to Marvel in May With Fresh Start

Eddie Brock and his alien friend get ready for their new movie with a comic relaunch and a brand new creative team.

In just a few months, Marvel’s doing yet another one of those relaunch things. You know the routine by now. They give it a snappy title (in this case “Fresh Start”), change up a bunch of creative teams, more often than not restart comics at #1, and release some big promotional image of a bunch of heroes either standing around or jumping in action.

This time around, there’s a notable appearance of Venom leaping in the background. You know Venom, right? Buff dude wearing a liquid Spider-Man version of Mario’s Odyssey hat? Has a movie coming out this year?

After a little over a year of Mike Costa bringing the symbiote back to Eddie Brock to line up with the movie (and because Flash Thompson Venom kind of ran its course after his role as a Guardian of the Galaxy petered out), he’ll be leaving the book, only for it to return to its #1 numbering under the team of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman.

We’re back to the mid-90s status quo where Venom is a homeless murder vigilante with Eddie Brock trying to hold it all together. This time, there’s been some kind of ancient evil power released from under New York City. While there aren’t too many details yet on what that’s about, it seems to tie into the symbiote in some way that it’s making it act out more violently and erratically than ever.

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Venom #1 will be released on May 9.

Gavin Jasper is glad to see Eddie’s unshaven Fabio look is back. Follow Gavin on Twitter!