The Tale of the Tape: Deadpool vs. Carnage

Along with a preview of next month's Deadpool vs. Carnage #1, here's a quick look at how these 90's-as-hell psychos compare!

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Early next month it’s “The Merc with a Mouth” vs. “The Symbiote Serial Killer” in a knock-out, drag-out, no-holds-barred fight to the death! Or as close as they can get to it due to editorial mandates! Brought to you by the team of Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin, Wade “Deadpool” Wilson takes on Cletus “Carnage” Kasady! Two red-and-black-clad titans of the 1990’s meet for the first and possibly last time! And it’s only on pay-per-view!

…I mean, in the sense that you have to pay for the issues to view them… or if you wait a few months later you can pay to view them as a trade and… You know what I mean.

Before we get to the first look at the battle, let’s see the Tale of the Tape for our two champions of the slaughter!

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Deadpool: New Mutants #98 (February, 1991)

Carnage: Amazing Spider-Man #344 (March, 1991)


Deadpool: Extreme healing factor, top-level martial arts skills, military knowhow, brilliant improvisational mind, ability to see through the fourth wall of fiction.

Carnage: Extreme healing factor, enhanced strength and speed, ability to use his symbiote to create powerful tendrils and sharp weaponry, adhesive properties.

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Deadpool: Katanas, explosive devices, and lots and lots of guns.

Carnage: Turns his limbs into spikes and axes while often opting to fire out pieces of the symbiote in the form of giant needles.


Deadpool: Tends to suffer from some wicked ADHD.

Carnage: Symbiote is weak to fire, sonics, and microwaves.

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Deadpool: Did some super horrible things in his life, but is trying to be a better person and ultimately has the heart of a hero.

Carnage: Is one of the most evil, unsavory beings in the Marvel Universe.


Deadpool: Came back from being melted by Weapon X despite being reduced to nothing more than a hand.

Carnage: Came back from being torn in half by the Sentry and left to die in space.

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Deadpool: Manmade attempt to recreate Wolverine.

Carnage: Costume is the offspring of Venom.


Deadpool: Has a similar-but-different rival named Agent X with the same powers and personality.

Carnage: Symbiote gave birth to the red and blue symbiote Toxin as well as the purple symbiote Scorn.

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Deadpool: Recently worked for X-Force, currently a member of the Thunderbolts, while known to moonlight for the Frightful Four, Heroes for Hire, and Great Lakes Avengers.

Carnage: Led his own family of murderers known as Maximum Carnage. Also joined the Sinister Six on Broadway.


Deadpool: Became a herald of Galactus for a spell until Galactus found him too annoying to keep around.

Carnage: Symbiote once possessed the Silver Surfer until the creature was lured back onto the body of its original host.

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Deadpool: Killed a god from outer space that tried to convert the entire world into bliss-filled, drooling vegetables.

Carnage: Took over an entire Colorado town with his symbiote, including control over Captain America, Wolverine, Hawkeye, and the Thing.


Deadpool: Has multiple aspects of his backstory that conflict with each other, most notably whether or not he’s really Wade Wilson or some guy named Jack.

Carnage: After having his bottom half torn off, his legs were replaced with cybernetic attachments. Then his legs were simply drawn back as normal and nobody’s ever explained what the hell.

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Deadpool: Unofficially showed up in a Superman/Batman comic where Deathstroke the Terminator tried to kill him with many blades, a spatula, and a small dog to no avail.

Carnage: Dressed down by the Joker for being one-dimensional in a Spider-Man/Batman crossover one-shot.


Deadpool: Recently starred in an aggressively mediocre, M-rated title that you can find in any Gamestop’s clearance rack. Had breakout appearances in the X-Men Legends/Ultimate Alliance games as well as Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Carnage: His story arc Maximum Carnage got turned into a fairly popular 16-bit game, complete with badass red cartridge. Appeared as the final boss in the sequel Separation Anxiety, which was rather strange, since Carnage was neither in the Venom: Separation Anxiety storyline, nor Venom: Lethal Protector, which the game was actually based on. Also, those two stories took place before Maximum Carnage happened. Go figure.

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Deadpool: Played by Ryan Reynolds and Scott Adkins in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where Wade Wilson was transformed into the mouthless, laser-eyed Weapon XI. It was terrible and everyone who allowed it to happen should feel terrible.

Carnage: Had a non-speaking role in the musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Shockingly, Carnage was probably the most accurate character in the entire production in terms of design.

Now let’s check out some pages from the first chapter of maniac conflict, followed by the official Marvel solicitation where they say it’s in March and then tell us it’s in April.

This March, two crimson crazies collide in DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE #1 – the bombastic new limited series from New York Times Bestselling writer Cullen Bunn (Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Night of the Living Deadpool) and fan-favorite artist Salva Espin (Deadpool Kills Deadpool)! Carnage is on the warpath – moving across the country, butchering as he goes! The authorities are powerless. So how do you stop a psycho? Bring in another psycho! And you can bet this one is gonna be bloody! Don’t miss one minute of the blood-soaked chaos this April as the Merc with a Mouth tussles with the Symbiote Serial Killer in DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE #1!

DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE (FEB140810)Written by CULLEN BUNNArt by SALVA ESPINCover by GLENN FABRYVariant Cover by LEINIL YUFOC – 3/10/2014, On-Sale – 4/02/2014 

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