The Sentry Returns to Marvel in June (Or Was He Always Here?)

As part of Marvel's Fresh Start, Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto unleash the power of a million exploding suns.

Hey, remember the Sentry? If you don’t, give it a second for the spell to wear off.

Originally created in a 2000 miniseries by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, Sentry was introduced as Marvel’s forgotten Superman mixed with the narrator from Fight Club. A superhero who is also the very supervillain he tries to save the world from. He became a major part of Brian Michael Bendis’ Avengers run, being built up as increasingly powerful and unhinged until culminating in him becoming the big final boss villain and being killed. Then Rick Remender’s Uncanny Avengers had him resurrected as a Horseman where he was blue and tore his face open and it was weird.

More recently, Sentry appeared in the pages of Doctor Strange, where it turns out Bob Reynolds was purposely induced into a coma to keep him out of everyone’s hair, only to be awakened to help Strange deal with Loki. Although his darker half, the Void, is locked away by magic, Sentry ended the story disgusted with Strange’s actions and flew off to be alone.

Now he’s coming back this June with a new series by Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto. Heh. And Lemire just did Moon Knight. Fitting that he’d go from Marvel’s insane Batman to Marvel’s insane Superman.

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This will be the first real ongoing for the Sentry, oddly enough. Sure, Jenkins did two miniseries for him and there was an interesting Age of Sentry book at one point, but this is the first time Marvel’s heavy hitter gets something open-ended. This will also be the first time we’ll get to see him as a protagonist after the horrible loss of his wife Lindy at the hands of Bullseye and Norman Osborn. It’ll be interesting to see how that manifests.

Sentry #1 will be released June 27. In the meantime, enjoy this cover by Bryan Hitch.

Gavin Jasper enjoyed the Sentry the most in the MCU classic Incredible Hulk 3: Follow the Leader. Follow Gavin on Twitter!