The Quantum Age Goes 1000 Years Into Black Hammer’s Future

The Black Hammer Farm-inspired future teens join together to fight authoritarians.

The newest addition to the Black Hammer comics universe is The Quantum Age, where writer Jeff Lemire and artist Wilfredo Torres (Moon Knight, Black Panther) are going to take us a thousand years into the future of the Black Hammer crew to look at a group of teenagers rebelling against their autocratic government.

The Quantum Agefollows a young Martian teen as he tries to reform The Quantum League to get back in the game. Joining Torres and Lemire on the book are legendary colorist and notorious Eisner hog Dave Stewart; Nate Piekos, the letterer on Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows. Christian Ward (Ody-C; Ultimates 2) will provide one of the series’ variant covers.

The Black Hammer universe kicked off with Lemire and Ormston’s Black Hammerand it was a delight. When Lemire is on, he’s untouchable, and he was definitely on from page one of issue one of one of our best comics of 2016. And Ormston has been stunning, capturing the odd loneliness of the Black Hammer Farm crew in a way that perfectly fit Lemire’s scripts.

Then we got Sherlock Frankenstein and the Legion of Evil, a deep dive into the villains of the Black Hammer universe from Lemire and the always excellent David Rubin.

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That was followed by Doctor Star and the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrowsfrom Lemire and Max Fiumara, about a scientist from the Black Hammer universe who invented a fabulous weapon for the military in the ’40s, but screwed up his relationship with (and very likely the body of) his son in the process.

I think we can be honest with each other, dear readers. Black Hammerhas a very strong Doom Patrol vibe, while Sherlock Frankenstein expanded the villain world and Doctor Starfeels a ton like the peak of James Robinson’s Starman.The Quantum Age,then, via transitive property, is probably Lemire’s take on the Legion of Super Heroes, and I am 100% here for it. If the Black Hammer comics have proven nothing else, it’s that Lemire has impeccable taste in DC runs. Fortunately, they’ve also proven that Lemire has impeccable taste at picking art partners, and a genuine skill at turning pastiche into homage into something delightful and layered and nuanced and smart. If you’re not reading these books, start.

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