The Gifted Season 1 Finale Will Address Magneto

Magneto will plays a "big part" in The Gifted's season finale, when it comes to the character of Lorna.

Magento, aka Lorna “Polaris” Dane’s father, has remained an unspoken X-Men connection thus far in The Gifted‘s first season—but that’s about to change.

Speaking to, Emma Dumont (Lorna) teased that “Magneto plays a big part in the rest of the season.” While Magneto will not actually appear on the show, he will play a major part in Lorna’s storyline, specifically in Episodes 12 and 13, aka the Gifted Season 1 finale, set to air on January 15th.

Polaris … thinks there are two paths: What she believes and what she wants, what her personal beliefs are and what she thinks is right, and then the other path is what she was born to do, which is be Magneto’s daughter, which is to take over his legacy. But what Lorna doesn’t realize is those two things are exactly the same, and she finally does realize that eventually in the season, later on, and that really terrifies her.

Does this mean that Lorna may turn more villainous in the Season 1 finale? Or might The Gifted have a different perspective on Magneto’s philosophy then what we’ve seen from on-screen adaptations of the X-Men so far—i.e. perhaps Lorna following in her father’s more aggressive footsteps is contextualized as the right path forward by a show that is more revolutionary and anti-institutional then many of its predecessors.

Dumont continued:

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[Lorna] hasn’t heard great things about her father. She’s heard bad things about her father, in fact. Her chosen family, the Mutant Underground, they don’t think highly of him. They think he was a bad guy. Anyone would hurt a human is bad, even if it saves 200 mutants lives. It’s still bad. But, for her, it’s not that bad.

Speaking more specifically about Lorna’s personal relationship with her father, Dumont said:

You know, having this man who, every couple of years will reach out to her, very ominously, or whatever, but still refuses to be in her life, she hates him, as most daughters whose father’s abandoned them would. But she still can’t deny she is exactly like him, in every way. Even her mutant abilities are the same. She is his only living birth child. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, sure. They’re just made from his DNA. She is literally exactly like him, and she can’t deny that, but she’s really scared of it. She’s really, really scared of it.

I’m glad The Gifted is going to address Lorna’s connection to Magneto, which represents a larger connection to the X-Men universe in general (i.e. what happened to the X-Men and the Brotherhood in the universe of this show?).

However, it’s always tricky when telling a story in the quieter parts of on-screen adaptation canon. There’s no way Michael Fassbender is going to show up on this show, which is a major bummer, although completely understandable, and I can’t see the show being allowed to recast the character for this smaller screen universe, either.