The Gifted Casts Scream Queens’ Skyler Samuels

Scream Queens alumna Skyler Samuels is set to recur on Fox Marvel mutant drama The Gifted.

Fox’s The Gifted will soon see the arrival of another beleaguered mutant member of its ragtag fugitives. The series, loosely-based on Marvel’s X-Men comic book and movie continuities, has cast Skyler Samuel, the former star of the network’s nixed horror drama Scream Queens, for what is being called a key role.

Scream Queens has cast Skyler Samuels for the recurring role of a “mutant refugee,” according to Deadline. The yet-to-be-named character – who arrives with a mysterious past – possesses the dangerously potent mutant ability of a telepath. It is unclear at this point where she will fit in the show’s dynamic, centering on an alliance of convenience between the family of a former prosecutor of mutants (Stephen Moyer), who joins a group of mutant freedom fighters – led by solar-emitting Eclipse (Sean Teale) – after their children (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) are discovered to be mutants.

For Skyler Samuels, this role in The Gifted will round out a trifecta of TV roles under the Fox umbrella, with her starring role in the 2015 debut season of Scream Queens and her 2014 Season 4 role on FX’s American Horror Story, with the latter two under the purview of Ryan Murphy. She’s previously starred as the title character in the short-lived 2011 ABC Family girl-with-cat-powers series, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, the 2010 ABC crime drama, The Gates, along with film roles in 2015 comedy The DUFF and 2014 comedy Helicopter Mom.

Speculation regarding Samuels’s role on The Gifted could be narrowed down by a list of female telepaths with pasts qualifying as “mysterious” in the annals of Marvel Comics. While notables like Jean Grey and Psylocke are well occupied by Fox’s X-Men movie franchise, an interesting pick may be Rachel Summers, the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the future of an alternate universe. That character is also the sister of Nate Grey (a.k.a. X-Man) and, more intriguingly, the half-sister of Nathan Summers, who is better known as the cybernetic-armed badass Cable.

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With Cable set to make a monumental movie debut, played by Josh Brolin, in 2018’s Deadpool 2, the addition of Rachel Summers to The Gifted would be an expedient move in the name of brand synergy. – Of course, this is just indulgent speculation on my part and it ultimately depends on how deep down the Marvel rabbit hole the series will dare to venture.

The Gifted airs on Fox on Monday nights at 9 p.m.