The Flash Will Die in New DC Comic

The Flash is destined to die in Tom King's Heroes in Crisis, according to the writer.

Tom King might be the master of breaking down superheroes and building them back up. He did this with The Vision, Mister Miracle, and is currently in the process of doing it to Batman, the one dude who needs no more breaking. But there’s one superhero who will suffer King’s pen, but won’t get a chance to come back stronger than before: The Flash. 

It was revealed during a special Heroes in Crisis event at SDCC that King means to kill the Fastest Man Alive in the upcoming DC crossover series about superheroes dealing with trauma. Heroes in Crisis begins with a mass shooting inside of Sanctuary, the help center where superheroes go to cope with mental health issues. The survivors are left to pick up the pieces of the disaster and figure out why someone would commit such a terrible act of violence. 

This is King tackling our real-life issues from the massive scope of a “Crisis,” a word that has a huge significance to the DC universe. King explained at SDCC that his story is much more personal than the usual epic event series that carry the “Crisis” name. But one thing that Heroes in Crisis and other Crisis events have in common is that a Flash will die in the story.

“You can’t have a Crisis without a dead Flash, explained King. “And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

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Most famously, Barry Allen died during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1986, making way for his protege, Wally West, to become the next Flash. Once again, a Flash is destined to die, but King did not reveal which Flash will meet his end.

At the moment, there are two heroes operating as the Flash — the usual incumbent Barry Allen and the original Wally West, who recently returned to the DC Universe after being erased from continuity during the New 52 relaunch back in 2011. There’s also Kid Flash and Impulse, who just popped back up to in The Flash #50. Basically, there are a lot of dead Flashes to choose from. 

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the fate of The Flash and Heroes in Crisis!

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