The Flash TV Series Pilot Will Be a Standalone, Not Through Arrow

While Barry Allen will still be introduced on Arrow, his costumed secret identity is getting his own pilot episode rather than via later Arrow episodes.

It’s no secret that The Flash is coming to the CW’s ArrowSince the project was announced, the plan has been for the speedy superhero to first appear via his secret identity of Barry Allen on December 4th’s episode, “The Scientist” before getting into his flashy red duds around episode 20, due to air in the spring. Now there’s been a change of plans…The folks at the CW are so pleased with how Arrow Episodes 8 & 9 look so far (those are “The Scientist” and “Three Ghosts”) which will introduce Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in his non-costumed Flash identity, that they want to just go ahead and turn The Flash into a full-blown pilo rather than the “back-door pilot” that Arrow‘s episode 20 was intended to be. No word on whether this affects episode 20 of Arrow (set to air in the spring) which was to feature Flash’s costumed debut. Also no word on whether this moves up the timetable for an actual Flash pilot! Does this mean we’ll see a Flash pilot in the spring, or will we have to wait until Fall 2014 to see Grant Gustin suit up in the red and gold? In the meantime, you can see photos of Grant as Barry Allen right here!More on this as it develops![related article: 8 Reasons Why The Flash is Perfect for TV]

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