The Flash Showrunners Promise an “Even Bigger” Reveal Than Zoom Identity

While The Flash just dropped a bombshell reveal, the showrunners are promising an "even bigger" reveal this season.

Warning: Spoilers for The Flash ahead!

Much like Barry Allen’s honing of his speed force, The Flash has certainly learned how to effectively toy with the emotions of viewers. Preparing for a month-long hiatus, the show decided to clock out with a shocking epilogue, seemingly revealing the identity of the dark speedster scourge known as Zoom. However, that monumental unmasking could end up paling in comparison to another reveal set for later in the season!

In a post-mortem interview with EW for last night’s episode, “King Shark,” The Flash co-creator and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg hints that the insane unmasking of Zoom is just the tip of the revelatory iceberg. It seems that the mysterious muted, iron-masked, glass-tapping prisoner that Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Jesse Wells (Violette Beane) previously encountered in Zoom’s Earth-2 lair could end up providing a reveal that will truly make viewers’ heads explode. As Kreisberg explains:

“Just when we solve one mystery, we like to set up another one. The identity of the man in the [iron] mask is, in some ways, probably an even bigger surprise than this one, if you can imagine it. It’s a new mystery to pull you through the season. Barry swore he wasn’t going to leave him behind. Something tells me Barry’s going to make good on that promise.”

The moment in last night’s episode showing the unmasked visage of Zoom to be none other than our friendly, other-worldly Earth-2 Flash, Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears), simultaneously shook the foundation of the series and left viewers trying to piece together the circuitous logistics behind the notion. At the moment, the revelation still rests on rather dubious grounds, since the series already has utilized face-morphing fake-outs when Reverse Flash/Eobard Thawne cavorted as Harrison Wells in Season 1.

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Yet, with the Man in the Iron Mask tapping out the message “Jay” to Barry and Jesse, it’s entirely possible that what we now think we know could prove to be an elaborate cliffhanger ruse. In another interview with TV Line, Kreisberg further hints:

“The mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask will play out over the rest of the season with some clues being layered in along the way. When you do find out who it is, everything will make sense in a very satisfying way.”

Certainly, slow-burn buildups have become a specialty for the speed-centric series. Comic-savvy speculators were teased a deceptively obvious clue several episodes ago when the exiled ex-Flash, “Jay,” found his Earth-1 doppelganger, a normal person under the name Hunter Zolomon. That, of course, is the comic book identity of Zoom, a non-time-traveler iteration of the Reverse Flash whose accidental speedster powers also caused him to go mad.

Combined with the fact that “Jay” is slowly dying from incremental damage dealt from experimental drug Velocity 6, the latest revelation could explain the desperation behind Zoom’s quest to steal speedster energy. However, that leaves one to wonder what role the silenced and imprisoned Man in the Iron Mask plays in Zoom’s energy-draining endeavors. Could Zoom simply be a Jay Garrick doppelganger from yet another version of Earth? Or, could his comic book Reverse Flash connections hint at something else?

The Flash will have its fans coming back out of the theoretical rabbit holes when it returns on March 22 on The CW.