The Flash: New Hero, New Trailer and More!

The CW have unveiled a new trailer for upcoming episodes of The Flash, and cast another key Firestorm component.

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We’ve pulled together a little Flash news round-up for you. There’s a new trailer to be had, showcasing the rest of the first half of season one and revealing some new villains. But there’s a juicier part to get to first…

Jason Rusch, who at one point may or may not be Firestorm (but in the comics he sure is) has been cast. Luc Roderique will play the part, and he’s described as “a graduate student at Hudson University, he was part of Martin Stein’s research team on the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project.” He’ll show up in episode ten.

I like these multi-episode trailers. They tend to look and feel a little more important than the 20-30 second teasers we’re saddled with after an episode airs. Plus, they’re less coy about putting the villains front and center. 

That brings us to this new trailer for upcoming episodes of The Flash. Watch it here, and then there are potential spoilers down below…

Well, that sure is William “Clock King” Tockman from last year’s Arrow, as well as Blackout and Girder. That’s a lot of second-tier villains. That’s alright, though. They can’t give us Captain Cold every week.

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We also get to meet Clancy Brown’s General Eiling (on tonight’s episode, actually), and Brown describes the relationship between Eiling and STAR Labs as being like “the military industrial complex…Somebody like Wells, who’s doing cutting-edge physics experiments and built a secret particle accelerator in a metropolitan city, you don’t do that without the military knowing about that and giving their blessing. They know of each other and they probably worked together a lot back in the day. If you’re a dedicated scientist [like Wells], you’ve got to make that deal with the devil to do theoretical physics, I guess. Makes you wonder.”

Oh, and Geoff Johns posted this logo for The Flash/Arrow crossover episodes on his Instagram, too.

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