The Fantastic Four Returns to Marvel in December

Marvel will slowly bring back the Fantastic Four with the kickoff of Marvel Two-in-One in December.

The Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and their family have been missing since the end of Secret Wars, and there’s been little hope of seeing more of them with all the problems on the movie side of the business. That might be coming to an end, though, with a secretly huge book coming in December from Marvel.

Marvel Two-In-Onelaunches at the end of the year, and it will feature, according to an interview between Newsarama and series writer Chip Zdarsky, the Thing and the Human Torch getting the best half of the Fantastic Four back together to figure out what happened to the rest of their family. Marvel Two-In-One was a classic team up title from the ’70s that featured various Marvel heroes partnering with the Thing for short adventures. Here, Marvel’s using it as a stealth Fantastic Fourrelaunch.

“It’s Ben and Johnny diving headfirst into the mystery of what happened to them,” said Zdarsky. “The world presumes that Reed, Sue, and the kids are dead, but Johnny especially can’t accept that fact. So we’re heading on a road trip to find out what happened.”

Zdarsky is probably best known for his comedic work. He is perhaps best known as one of the curators of Just the Tips, a collection of incorrect and frequently physically dangerous advice given to letter writers to his Harvey Award-winning comic Sex Criminals.He’s also the writer of a number of critically acclaimed comedy comics like Howard the Duckand Kaptara, as well as a notebook full of sexually explicit Spider-Man pitches that mysteriously disappeared from the internet once he was named writer of the classically outstanding Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Mancomic. 

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Cheung is one of Marvel’s superstar artists, having a hand in nearly every major Marvel event since his first big Marvel book, 2005’s Young Avengers.Most recently, he helped relaunch Astonishing X-Men.

For more information on Marvel Two-In-One,or to hear me rave for an uncomfortably long time about how good Hickman’s Fantastic Four/Avengers/Secret Warsrun was, stick with Den of Geek through New York Comic Con!