Thanos Demands No Avengers: Infinity War Spoilers

As Avengers: Infinity War approaches, directors the Russo Brothers (and Thanos,) are making a special effort to discourage spoilers.

Avengers: Infinity War used to feel like an unapproachably surreal concept, but it will become a reality by the end of the month. Consequently, as the entirety of the big screen Marvel Cinematic Universe arrive for a gigantic megamovie to battle one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful villains, Thanos, directors Joe and Anthony Russo will take special measures to prevent spoiler proliferation with help from Thanos himself.

The Russo Brothers have posted a letter to the collective fandom calling for discretion; an increasingly necessary request as the Avengers: Infinity War release date of April 27 looms ever quickly.

One method that’s being used is the pushing of the hashtag #ThanosDemandsYourSilence for the coming months, using the menacing omnipotence-coveting specter of Josh Brolin’s Thanos (with the presumably-completed Infinity Gauntlet in view,) to cement an anti-spoiler ethos amongst the fandom. Additionally, the Russos will take a more proactive approach for this cause, revealing that the film’s Los Angeles premiere will not screen in its entirety. – That’s a new one.

While Marvel Studios has long embraced its reputation as the tightest keeper of cinematic secrets in the industry, known to use lengthy contracts to lock down its stars – and everyone involved with its productions – into a strict code of silence under penalty of financial and personal excoriation, the concept of actually cutting the premiere version of a film short is a major measure that not only protects the sanctity of Avenger: Infinity War, but, as recent rumors imply, a major detail about its untitled follow-up film, Avengers 4, which is scheduled to arrive on May 3, 2019.

Indeed, the Russos recently took time to reply to – and seemingly affirm – a tweet that speculated that the mystery title of Avengers 4 should scare audiences regarding what happens in the stakes-heavy Infinity War (we certainly already knew the title of Infinity War by this point a year ago). Thus, it is widely believed that the end of Avengers: Infinity War will reveal the mystery title of Avengers 4, be it through dialogue or a James Bond end-credits, “The Avengers will return in The Man with the Golden Glove” type manner. It’s quite possible that said title could manifest intrinsically as a spoiler, necessitating this level of secrecy.

What we do know is that Avengers: Infinity War will be a major turning point and, for what it’s worth, the start of a climactic event for the decade-old MCU, said to be a jumping-off point for some of the O.G.s, notably Chris Evans’s Captain America. Thus, a great deal of the speculation will center on which major characters could die in the film.

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Avengers: Infinity War will reveal its stupendous secrets when it hits theaters on April 27.