Clark Kent Tests His Limits in Superman: Dawnbreaker

Teenage Superman stumbles on a Smallville mystery in this exclusive preview.

Superman Dawnbreaker Cover

Teenage Superman is fertile ground for character work. For writers looking for a challenge that fits the character, a Superman who hasn’t yet developed his powers or his moral code makes for more realistic, more relatable conflict. That’s why Superman was probably a perfect fit for the DC Icons book series, a collection of young adult stories featuring DC superheroes (and antiheroes, Catwoman: Soulstealer). And that’s why we’re pretty psyched to be hosting an exclusive preview of Superman: Dawnbreaker, the upcoming Superman-centric book in that line coming out in March.

“Writing a Superman novel is one of the greatest thrills of my writing career,” said Matt de la Peña, the book’s author. “This project allowed me to set foot in one of the most iconic American storylines, while also enabling me to team up witht hree writers I’ve long admired: Leigh Bardugo [author of Wonder Woman: Warbringer], Marie Lu [Batman: Nightwalker] and Sarah J. Maas [Catwoman: Soulstealer].”

This chapter is a deep dive into Clark’s mind as the football team tries to get him to rejoin. We find out through Clark’s memories about why he left the team in the first place, and it simultaneously gives us a glimpse of the development of his power (through the shattered ribs of his teammate) and the development of his moral core (through his continued refusal to play because of how he would disadvantage his opponents). These are two critical components to the Superman mythos.

“While adhering to traditional, high-paced, high-stakes superhero action sequences, I also tried to dig into young Superman’s psychology. He’s stronger and faster than everyone else around him, of course, but these emerging powers also lead to a profound sense of ‘otherness’ and isolation. It was fascinating to watch him try to square all of thsi throughout the novel. I can’t wait for readers to get a hold of this book!” said de la Peña.

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For more information on Superman: Dawnbreaker (out March 5th, 2019) or the rest of the DC YA books, click here. To read the exclusive preview of Dawnbreaker, check out below!