Supergirl and Green Lantern Corps Team Up in Exclusive Preview

Kara's mission takes her to the Green Lantern planet, and Krypto is along for the ride in this exclusive look at Supergirl #22.

I do have a tendency to go a little over the top for the art on some of these previews we get from DC, but let’s be honest: they deserve them. Kevin Maguire, for instance, is doing the art on this arc of Supergirl, the story reset spinning out of Bendis’s arrival at DC, and it’s just wonderful. He’s always been one of the most expressive guys in the game – he made his bones on the Bwa-Ha-Ha era of Justice League, and it was his facial expressions that sold so much of the tone of that book.

But lost in the praise of Maguire’s comic timing and body language and facial acting is the fact that the guy really knows how to pace out action. His issue of The Man of Steelwas unexpected in how effective the action sequences were, and how he deployed his masterful facial expressions to heighten the impact of the punching.

With that said, LOOK AT THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD KRYPTO ISN’T HE THE BEST PUPPER. Seriously, human facial expressions are tough, but drawing a good dog face that’s somehow equally as emotive and relatable as the human ones is really amazing. Maguire is the best, and that’s what got me excited to check out this preview of Supergirl #22 that DC sent along. Here’s what they have to say about the book.

SUPERGIRL #22 written by MARC ANDREYKOart by KEVIN MAGUIREcover by TERRY DODSON and RACHEL DODSONvariant cover by AMANDA CONNERWho murdered Krypton? Supergirl and Krypto rocket into space, en route to the Green Lantern world of Mogo, where she hopes to find clues about Rogol Zaar and his connection to the destruction of Krypton. Instead, she finds whispers and cover-ups. What are the GLs hiding? And will they go from Green to Red when they find out she’s in possession of Zaar’s weapon of war? (Hint: yes!)

And we haven’t even talked about the classic look Weaponeers of Qward yet. Oh man this was just what I wanted out of a comic right now. Take a look.

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