Superboy Joins the Legion of Super-Heroes

It's official! Superboy will be part of the DC Legion of Super-Heroes reboot.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #2 Cover

The return of DC’s best super-team is going to feature even more of the best heroes when Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #1 hits in October. Also Superman and Lois’s son from the present is being shot into the future to join the Legion after being aged to his teen years via time dilation.

“Jon Kent is joining the Legion” is probably a little more sexy than “Look at this dope Element Lad redesign” but that’s the beauty of this Ryan Sook-drawn cover to issue 2 of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium. It’s a great storytelling image that has so much going on in the background, I could stare at it for hours trying to pick out all the different parts of it. Element Lad is Jan Arrah, the last survivor of the planet Trom with the omega-level power set to transmute anything into any other element (and if you want to read more about it, go get DC Universe and read Legion Lost RIGHT NOW). Here, he’s the opal-looking kid in the bottom right, behind Cosmic Kid and in front of Ultra Boy at three o’clock on the ring.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #2 Cover

My best guess is that in addition to the heroes who were identified in the last wave of announcements, we’ve also got Wildfire and Bouncing Boy (over Superboy’s shoulder), Karate Kid (nine o’clock on the ring), and obviously Colossal Boy in the back. Also, you know, Jon Kent.

Jon was introduced during Convergence as the son of Old 52 Lois Lane and Superman, and bopped around the DCU being friends with Damian and an interesting foil for Clark until he was launched into space with his grandfather, Jor-El, in Man of Steel. When he returned, he was aged up to his teen years, and it looks like we know why now. He’s going to be joining the superteam inspired by his father, a thousand years in the future.

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DC also released several new character designs:



Dream Girl

Matter Eater Lad

And a new, updated Legion design for Jon.

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These designs (and the inclusion of these characters) are great. Even for the ones I personally have quibbles with (cough cough Matter Eater Lad should be short and skinny and not some sort of Alpha Bear cough cough), the designs are dynamic and fun and bright and colorful. Everything the Legion should be.

DC also released a batch of interior art from Andre Lima Araujo. You will recall that he’s drawing the Tommy Tomorrow section of the first issue, and it is…take a look.

This is incredible stuff. If you flipped these pages around so they read right to left, we’d be talking about how western-inspired this manga art was. It’s like Brandon Graham drawing an Otomo tribute. I’m 100% here :clap emoji: for :clap emoji: it :clap emoji:.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium #1 is out October 2nd. For more oohing and aahing over preview art, stick with Den of Geek!