Star Wars: Rogue One Marvel Comics Series to Expand on the Movie Story

Marvel’s comic book adaptation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will adapt unused story ideas from the movie.

The fact that Marvel – a company now under the same Disney corporate umbrella as Star Wars home Lucasfilm – are set to publish a serial comic book adaptation of the spinoff box-office smash Rogue One: A Star Wars Story probably won’t evoke too many shocked reactions. Comic book adaptations of tentpole blockbusters have long been standard practice, even going back to Marvel’s 1977 adaptation of the original Star Wars. However, those expecting a direct retread of the movie might be surprised to learn that Marvel’s Rogue One will contain new plot tidbits.

In an interview with EW, Jody Houser, the writer for Marvel’s upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story six-issue miniseries, reveals that, while the comic will obviously convey the storyline of the film, it will also bring something new to the table for fans. In this case, the comic series will portray sequences that were originally conceived for the film during the initial formation of the script – written by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy – that was executed by director Gareth Edwards. As Houser explains:

“The comics will definitely expand on what was seen in both Rogue One the film and the novelization. Lucasfilm and Gareth Edwards had a bunch of ideas for extra scenes and character moments that didn’t make it into the film. I’m having a lot of fun playing around with those. Adaptations across different forms of media have always been a great opportunity to explore other facets of the story, and we’re excited to have new material in the Rogue One comic.”

Considering that much of the media buildup for Rogue One centered on the late reshoots for the film, it’s not hard to juxtapose it with the idea of deleted concepts. However, since much of the reshoots contextually altered the opening and climax, it’s likely that the new sequences in the Marvel adaptation will be completely original to the public. Thus, casual fans who might scoff at the potential redundancy of reading a comic book adaptation of a film they’ve already seen might just be missing out on some special, official-canon-adherent moments.

It’s hardly an unprecedented idea, especially since Marvel’s 1977 Star Wars adaptation – launching a continuing series that ran until 1986 – integrated an early concept of Jabba the Hutt within the framework of the Han Solo meeting scene we’d see decades later in the Special Edition of the film (notably with a digital Jabba). However, the first Marvel version of Jabba was far from the slothful slug we would meet in 1983’s Return of the Jedi, instead substituted with a bipedal alien who, in actuality, was Mos Eisley Cantina patron Mosep Binneed. However, with the Disney/Lucasfilm coalition keeping the canon closely maintained, don’t expect the Rogue One comic-original moments to be rendered as apocryphal as Mosep-Jabba.

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Marvel’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story six-issue adaptation from writer Jody Houser and illustrator Emilio Laiso gets ready to infiltrate comic book store shelves in April. Check out the main cover below and a reto-iffic alternate cover featuring a quasi-vintage-style rendition of a Jyn Erso action figure.