Spider-Man: The Sinister Six Reborn Coming From Marvel

Remember when there was going to be a Sinister Six movie? Will you settle for some cool new comics?

Get ready for a classic team of Spider-Man villains to make their return.

“We have the debut of a new Sinister Six in Spider-Man, the title starring Miles Morales,” Lowe said at NYCC. Lowe showed off some artwork that featured the new team consisting of Sandman, Hobgoblin, the Spot, Bombshell, the female Electro, and a mysterious black and gold villainous newcomer who will lead this new iteration of the Sinister Six.

“There’s a new Iron Spider,” Lowe announced. “We don’t know who’s in that costume. But when you find out, if you’re a Miles fan or a Spider-Man fan in general, it will blow your mind.” That’s some tease, but with the black costume, one really has to wonder if this Iron Spider is in any way symbiote related.

Whatever the case, Lowe promised that the return of the Sinister Six, “Is a big crazy story arc,” and that “We have some new twists on old villains but basically we grabbed the coolest villains and you have to wonder why they’re going after Miles.”

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“The Sinister Six Reborn” will be written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Oscar Bazaldua. The arc begins in Spider-Man #234 and will no doubt be the greatest challenge in the career of Miles Morales, or as Lowe puts it, “It’s going to be very impactful in Miles’ life.” It all kicks off in November.

If you have any thoughts who this Iron Spider is let us know, but we’re just happy we have a major storyline involving The Spot.

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