Spider-Man: The Fall of Parker Coming

Spider-Man loses it all in "Fall of Parker" but finds love with Mockingbird and rejoins The Daily Bugle!

The announcements came fast and furious during the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel at New York Comic Con. Marvel told the Spidey fans in attendance that in the opening arc of Marvel Legacy’s renumbered Amazing Spider-Man, writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen will present “The Fall of Parker,” a story in which Peter Parker will lose everything. Over the past few years of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker has become a business tycoon and billionaire technologist. But the old Parker luck is soon to bite Pete in a big, bad way.

“We did something with Peter Parker you should never, ever do,” Dan Slott told the standing room only New York crowd. “We gave him tons and tons of money and all the toys in the world…this is the Marvel Universe, so we take it all away from him and drop him lower than we ever have before.”

Slott went on to tease that “What you’re going to see is that Pete is going to find a way back to The Daily Bugle…we’re leaning into the Marvel Legacy of it, but we’re doing it in a new way. It’s a way we’ve never seen the Bugle before.”

Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe showed off some gorgeous Immonen interior art and some stunning Alex Ross covers. Slott also teased that Peter will also lose his corporate headquarters the Baxter Building (much to the chagrin of Spidey’s pal Johnny Storm) and will also begin a new romantic relationship with Mockingbird!

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“We’ve seen Peter date masks like Black Cat,” Slott said. “Now we’re going to see if Pete and Bobbi can make things work.”

The material loss isn’t the only thing on the horizon. “When he had all his money, toys, and resources,” Slott teased. “Spidey was going after villains out of his weight class. Avengers-level villains like Zodiac. Well, Pete locked a big time villain in a room for a year and when the door opened, Peter would have all the Parker Industry resources to solve the problem. Well, it’s a year, and Peter has lost everything.”

So in “The Fall of Parker,” we’ll see a destitute Spider-Man rejoin the Daily Bugle while fighting for his life against an ultra-powerful world beating villain at the same time that he finds a new love in the arms of Bobbi Morse, the former Avenger known as Mockingbird and super popular Marvel hero in her own right. Sounds compelling to us. It all begins next Wednesday in Amazing Spider-Man #789.

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