Spider-Man Spinoff Daily Bugle Series Coming From Marvel

The Daily Bugle will dig into Marvel New York's seedy mysteries in this Spider-Man spinoff from Mat Johnson.

Daily Bugle Spider-Man Spinoff

Wilson Fisk is, as Kingpin, one of the greatest villains in Marvel history. He’s plagued Daredevil and Spider-Man for decades, while building and losing a vast criminal and semi-legitimate business empire several times over. So naturally, he’s also now a long-serving Mayor of New York City. And everyone knows there’s only one way to bring down a New York City Mayor: vanity Presidential runs literally losing your mind crazy racism massive parking meter corruption scandals …ahem…angry tabloid newspapers. And it looks like Marvel might get the ball rolling on the Kingpin’s downfall with some interesting creators.

Marvel announced a new comic, Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle, coming in January from Mat Johnson (Incognegro) and Mack Chater (Black Panther and the Crew). The series brings Robbie Robertson committing massive acts of investigative journalism as he digs into both Kingpin and Spider-Man’s past. And he’s apparently going to find something big out about Spidey’s background that will impact how his friends and family relate to him.

Johnson and Chater are fascinating and terrific picks for this. Chater’s work on Black Panther and the Crew was mixed in with pages from Butch Guice, and the switch between the two artists was almost unnoticeable. That’s a compliment. The art style on those pages is precisely what you’d imagine for a story hook that immediately calls to mind parking garages and shadowy men with file folders and Robbie Robertson sitting over his desk with his head in his hands, trying to break a lead.

Johnson’s Incognegro is so thematically close to this pitch that it feels obvious. Incognegrofollowed a reporter for a black newspaper in the 1930s as he traveled undercover through the American South investigating lynchings. He’s also won multiple awards for his fiction outside of comics, and teaches writing at the University of Houston, so sounds like it’s going to work out.

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Investigative journalism is always a good hook for a story, and doubly so as a comic. They’re essentially mystery books that are also stories about stories, and when you add in the superhero universe backstory, you get something that’s rich and entertaining, with the possibility that we could get something with a broader meaning, a revelation about the characters that helps us better understand our world. It’s like a Neil Gaiman story, only instead of Shakespeare and a fairy queen it’s full of drunks.

Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle 1 by Mark Bagley