Spider-Man PS4: Fantastic Four Suits Arrive, Director Teases New Project

It's a double dose of Spider-Man PS4 news, as Fantastic Four suits arrive in the game and its creative director teases new work...

Spider-Man PS4: Fantastic Four DLC

If you’ve been waiting patiently for some more Marvel’s Spider-Man news, then today is the hallowed day you’ve been anticipating: following the announcement that something “fantastic” was coming to the game, two Fantastic Four-themed costumes have popped up thanks to a new patch. 

It’s another fan-pleasing patch from Insomniac, which previously appeased a lot of vocal gamers by adding the much-requested “Raimi Suit” to the title, as two separate Fantastic Four outfits have been added to Spider-Man‘s wardrobe.

One of these is a Future Foundation suit, which calls back to a comic book run in which Spidey joined Reed Richards in a new team with snazzy white outfits, and the other is the fan favorite Bag-Man costume, referring to a time when Peter Parker had to dump the symbiote-powered black suit at the Baxter Building and leave in some hastily assembled new threads. Bag-Man has shown up in loads of games before, making this a callback that works on numerous levels.

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Fans who are lucky enough to not be at work right now have already started playing with and snapping photos of these new suits, and you can take a look for yourself here…

On top of the new DLC, the game’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, is teasing something new to come. Intihar tweeted about something very intriguing at the end of last week. Without sharing what his new project is, Intihar revealed that he is pitching some sort of new story content to his colleagues…

Is it possible that Intihar has been working on the story elements of Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s proper sequel while other departments at Insomniac were working on the Fantastic Four suits? Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure what’s going on, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground in the hope of hearing an official announcement.