Sideways #12 Goes Deep on the Dark Multiverse

Rocafort & DiDio reveal some secrets in this exclusive preview of Sideways #12

Sideways #12 (DC Comics)

If you asked a room full of people “What New 52 launch book do you miss the most?” I’m the guy shouting “OMAC” before the rest of the room can turn their heads in puzzlement. DC co-publisher Dan DiDio is a pretty fun writer who, Dick Grayson blood feud aside, can mimic the styles of a lot of different, great DC eras and gently update them for modern sensibilities.

Sidewaysis like a Spider-Man relaunch set in the Image Revolution and soaked with Dark Multiverse DC continuity. There are a lot of ingredients to add to the bowl, but DiDio and Kenneth Rocafort, co-creators of the book, are up to the task. 

The way Sidewaysrevels in recent DC cosmology is pretty great, too. I’m an easy Grant Morrison mark, so putting the Seven Soldiers and man-of-the-people New 52 Superman in here is extremely good targeting (and follows on from the recent annual, which we discussed here). It all works because of the tone of the book and Derek’s powers. Man, Seven Soldiers was really good.

This first wave of post-Dark Nightsbooks is wrapping up, and Sidewaysand The Terrificshave been the highlights. However, Sidewaysis the one that is succeeding in part on the strength of its place in the broader DC universe. Dark Star Sciences is a new evil super-science crew that might be connected to another group of bad guys in a world where you can never have enough two-timing evil super-science crews, and as mentioned above, Derek is digging deep into mid-aughts DC comics for assistance on missions to the Dark Multiverse.

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Here’s what DC has to say about the latest issue:

SIDEWAYS #12 art and cover by KENNETH ROCAFORTwritten by DAN DiDIOTrapped at mysterious Dark Star Sciences, Sideways learns how Leto has been following him all along, as well as her plans for the Dark Multiverse as an endless energy source to be mined—and his powers are her way in. Sideways goes over the edge and breaks free, battling Bolt again in the process. Will Derek’s quest for vengeance for his mother’s death lead to a rift he can’t escape or control?

Rocafort is unbelievable, by the way. His work on Ultimateswas beautiful, career-making stuff that made the occasionally impenetrably zany Al Ewing’s scripts shine. Here, he’s building a world out of the chaos of Dark Nightsthat is incredibly detailed and energetic. He lays out pages really well – look at the stuff going on outside the panel borders in the preview pages below and imagine this story without that. It wouldn’t be nearly as effective.

Check out these preview pages…

SIDEWAYS #12, Preview pg. 1
SIDEWAYS #12, Preview pg. 2
SIDEWAYS #12, Preview pg. 3
SIDEWAYS #12, Preview pg. 4
SIDEWAYS #12, Preview pg. 5

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Sideways #12 (DC Comics)