Shade the Changing Girl #6 – Exclusive First Look

We have a preview of the next issue of Young Animal's best book, Shade the Changing Girl!

DC sent us an exclusive first look at next week’s Shade the Changing Girl#6, including one of the awesome Guidebook pages that are in the back of every Young Animal comic.

Here’s what they have to say about the issue.

SHADE, THE CHANGING GIRL #6 Written by CECIL CASTELLUCCI Art by MARLEY ZARCONE Cover by BECKY CLOONAN Variant cover by MARLEY ZARCONE Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. When Shade took over Megan’s body, Megan had to go somewhere—and that she did. The displaced Earthling flew across the galaxy and back, and now that she’s home, Megan is pissed! It’s alien invader versus teenage bully in the climactic conclusion of our first arc!

Young Animal has been an unquestionable success this far. Under Gerard Way’s curation, the line feels like an updated Vertigo: weird takes on DC-adjacent superhero stuff created with a great deal of craft and attention to detail.

All of the books are great. Doom Patrolfeels like Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrolonly Americanized and accessible; Mother Panicis two or three f-words away from just being a great Batman-family book; and Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eyeis like Michael Avon Oeming doing Hellboy.

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But Shadeis the best of the bunch. It feels like Cecil Castellucci is doing an excellent job of presenting an honest examination of how weird it is to be a teenage girl (I typed unironically, knowing full well that I am a mid-30s man) by dropping a thoroughly bizarre alien in the body of one. Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick’s art is perfectly matched to Castellucci’s story, making Shade/Megan’s movements just as awkward as the scripting and interactions are, while at the same time making it so fluid and beautiful that you feel the oddness of the interactions just by looking at the body language or the layout or the color scheme.

This comic is great. Check it out!