Robotech Comics: Brenden Fletcher to Take Over as Writer (Exclusive)

Brenden Fletcher will headline the Robotech comic later this year and we've got the exclusive on the first cover in an upcoming arc.

Robotech Comics: Brenden Fletcher

The Robotech universe is never going to be the same. If you somehow haven’t been reading Titan Comics’ Robotech, you’ve been missing out. It not only functions as an introduction to the franchise but also a deep love letter to fans. 

The series has been taking the pre-established events of the popular Macross saga and slowly unraveling the events that have stood sacred for so long, and it’s all heading towards the biggest Robotech comic event ever, Event Horizon. The plot has been slowly building to it and a new writer is jumping on board for the event. Brenden Fletcher (BatgirlGotham Academy) will be writing back-up stories for the event, which we had previously reported, and he’s a huge Robotech fan. 

“I was obsessed with Robotech in the mid-‘80s,” Fletcher said. “I recorded every episode of the TV show on Beta tapes, collected the Matchbox action figures, and religiously turned up at my local comic book store every week to see if there was a new issue of the series in my subscription bag. If you’d told little 10-year old me all those years ago that in the future I’d be the person writing the Robotech comic, there’s no way I would have believed you.”

Fletcher is excited to join the already existing team of Simon Furman on script and Hendry Prasetya on art. However, Fletcher gives an exclusive scoop about his involvement in future Robotech comics. Specifically, he mentions that his back-up stories “set the stage for my OWN run on the series later in the year. MIND. BLOWN.”

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Fletcher taking over Robotech? Now that’s fascinating to learn. Simon Furman has been writing the comic since its fifth issue, and while it’ll be a shame to see him go, it’s exciting to think what Fletcher will bring to the series, especially as such a big fan.

“I couldn’t possibly be more honored that Titan would entrust a longtime-fan like me to chronicle the further adventures of the crew of the SDF-1 and can’t wait for readers new and old alike to see what we’ve got planned for the future of Robotech!”

We’ve got an exclusive look at the cover for the first chapter in Event Horizon, which will be in Robotech Issue #21.

(Art Not Final)

So on the right we have Claudia, Rick, and Lisa. Not many hints of what’s to come but it’s good to know those characters will at least (hopefully) survive the next few issues before the event. On the left though… is that… Dana? The lead character of the Masters saga? If it is this is the absolute hypest moment of the entire Robotech comics run. Why is Dana here? Why is she wearing Cyclone armor? ENHANCE.

Yep, that’s for sure Dana’s look from the Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic. This is huge for Robotech fans, especially since Dana has barely show up in the vast history of Robotech comics.

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Titan Comics has been treating the Robotech franchise very well, with a story that’s clearly been planned out far in advance. Bringing on Fletcher is an exciting move from the publisher and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve. If it’s anything like what Titan has done already, it’ll be a treat for people who deeply love Robotech. Seriously, if the comic has already introduced elements for the Masters and New Gen sagas and even Dana??? What could be next?

We’ve also got the new cover for the Free Comic Book Day issue, which you can find below.

This issue will kick off Event Horizon and be Fletcher’s first writing credit on the series.

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