Power Rangers: The Psycho Rangers are Back From the Dead (Exclusive)

The Psycho Rangers have returned and we've got the first fourteen pages of an original Power Rangers graphic novel!

They’re faster than you, smarter than you, and they’re evil. Yes, that’s right, the Psycho Rangers from Power Rangers in Space have returned with a vengeance. Last seen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the main team of five Psychos have been joined by Psycho Green from Boom’s earlier Power Rangers comics. All of them, along with the Space Rangers, will be the stars of Boom’s original graphic novel, Power Rangers: The Psycho Path. We’ve got an exclusive look at the beginning of the graphic novel below, which will get you hyped and make you ask a lot of questions that only reading the full story will answer!

Power Rangers: The Psycho Path is written by Paul Allor (Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesClue), drawn by Giuseppe Cafaro (Saban’s Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon), and colored by Marcelo Costa.

Below you can find the full story synopsis for the graphic novel.

In Space Red Ranger Andros and former Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger Karone must deal with the return of the Psycho Rangers, created by Karone when she was still the evil Astronema. They’ve come to planet KO-35 to find their lost leader, and they won’t leave without her! But why do the Psycho Rangers want Astronema back, and what sinister plan is the Green Psycho Ranger hatching? 

Well that summary at least confirms this takes place after the events of Lost Galaxy. As for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see!

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Print copies of The Psycho Path will be available on October 9, 2019 at local comic book shops, October 15, 2019 at bookstores, or at the BOOM! Studios webstore.

Power Rangers The Psycho Path Pages 2-3
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Pages 4-5
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 6
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 7
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 8
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 9
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 10
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 11
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 12
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 13
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Page 14
Power Rangers The Psycho Path Cover

Well damn, that’s a jaw dropping opening isn’t it? Right from the start we see Psycho Green survived his encounter with the team of 1969 Rangers. For those who haven’t been keeping up with Boom’s Power Rangers comics (you should, they’re the best stories Power Rangers has ever had), Psycho Green was a corrupted member of an alien Ranger team. He was sent to Earth and killed a large chunk of Zordon’s earlier team of Rangers from the 60’s. So how did he survive?

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For that matter, how are the Psychos alive? They were destroyed after the events of the In Space/Lost Galaxy team-up, right? Perhaps Psycho Green brought them back to life. We also have to wonder if this story takes place after the events of The Trial of Astronema, a comic original short story about Karone escaping a trial conducted by various alien worlds she’d hurt as Astronema. We’ll have to wait and find out! 

This is a truly exciting moment for Power Rangers fans. While many of Boom’s comics have focused on the MMPR team this is the first HUGE spotlight for a team without any of the MMPR Rangers present. Some fans have longed for more focus on other seasons and supporting this graphic novel is a great way to show Boom there’s interest in teams outside of MMPR.

Want to know more? We’ve got our spoiler-free review of the full graphic novel!

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