Power Rangers Comics Are About to Enter a Golden Age

The talent set to take the reigns on the next run of Power Rangers comics is extraordinary.

If you’ve somehow missed the last few years, Power Rangers comics are now pretty damn incredible. After previous publishers such as Papercutz and even Marvel way back in the day never seemed to quite get the franchise quite right, Boom! Studios exploded onto the scene in 2016 and nailed it from the jump. 

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title rebooted the franchise into modern day and added all kinds of new elements to the much beloved series. The biggest one was Drakkon, an evil version of Tommy, but we also got a new team of Rangers from the ’60s, a government group working with the Rangers, and the Sheeple monster. Yes, they had a monster named Sheeple and he spouted various conspiracy theories. It was the funniest thing Power Rangers has ever done. 

Along the way various annuals were released which added important back story to various characters (the stories by Trey Moore especially are universally excellent). The biggest addition to the comic line however came when Boom released a second monthly Power Rangers title, Go Go Power Rangers.

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Written by Ryan Parrott, Go Go instantly became a fan favorite. While not quite as flashy as the main MMPR title with all its big events, Go Go’s focus on the original five Rangers was a real winner. Here was finally something fans had wanted to see for a long time, a story set in the original season that wasn’t completely focused on Tommy.

The comic takes place before Tommy even joined the team, focusing more on the personal lives of Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly than the giant battles. Kim struggles with her parents divorce, Billy and Skull were revealed to be childhood friends, Trini tries to stay close to her mom despite the challenges of being a Ranger, and much more. Along the way Parrott fleshed out the villains and just recently revealed an important connection between Zordon and Rita you have to read to believe.

It also took many unexpected turns, like the slow build of a relationship between Jason and Trini that was never seen in the TV series. It’s incredibly sweet, especially since much of the focus of is on Trini who always needs more focus (both in the comics and the show.) 

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Boom has only had a few missteps in their run of Power Rangers comics and have on the whole been excellent. So believe me when I say that starting with issue 40 of the main MMPR comic? Things are about to get better. A lot better. Not only is Ryan Parrott continuing to write Go Go Power Rangers he’ll also be taking over Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as well in June 2019. Issue 40 will not only bring back the main MMPR team of characters (after another group of Rangers has been starring in the main comic) but also bring in the White Ranger. 

Not seen before in the comics, he brings with him a ton of questions all wrapped up in what exactly went down at the end of the Shattered Grid event last year where the original Rangers disappeared. It’s especially intriguing because the “good” Tommy had seemingly died so is he back… or is someone else the White Ranger?

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Perhaps even more exciting about “Necessary Evil” is the artist that’s coming along for the ride. Daniele Di Nicuolo is returning to be the main artist for the MMPR comic after drawing much of Shattered Grid

Di Nicuolo’s art always captured every aspect of the franchise remarkably and to have him back teamed up with Ryan is a perfect match. Not only that but Elenora Carlini is continuing on Go Go. Carlini has only recently joined the Power Rangers comics but their work stands out, especially with the expressive faces needed for Go Go’s emotional scenes.

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With Parrott’s promise that Necessary Evil will “connect MMPR and GGPR like never before” we’re in for the kinds of stories Power Rangers fans have dreamed of for decades. The kinds of stories that don’t just play with continuity (as fun as that it is) but interweave it with compelling character drama. 

Parrott, Di Nicuolo, and Carlini being at the helm means that these characters will continue to transcend the stereotypes that defined them in the original series. They’ll push them in directions that’ll cement them as the truly iconic characters they always deserved to be. This creative team will make these Rangers even better than you remembered or could have ever imagined.

It all starts in June 2019. 

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