Nightwing Movie Coming from Lego Batman Movie Director

It looks like Nightwing is coming to the DC Extended Universe, Lego Batman's Chris McKay is set to direct!

THR is reporting that a Nightwing movie is in the works at Warner Bros. Chris McKay, who most recently helmed The Lego Batman Movie, is set to direct the movie from a script by Bill Dubuque (The Accountant).

Nightwing is one of at least three newly rumored DC projects to be in development at WB, a list that also includes Gotham City Sirens from Suicide Squad director David Ayer and Suicide Squad 2, which is currently courting Mel Gibson to direct.

Nightwing is, of course, Dick Grayson’s alter-ego. Grayson was first introduced in Detective Comics Vol. 1 #38 in April 1940 as a member of the acrobatic Flying Graysons. After his parents were murdered, Grayson was taken in as Bruce Wayne’s ward. And thus, the first Robin was born. In the 1980s, Grayson stepped out of Batman’s shadow and became the vigilante Nightwing. The character was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.

The Bat Family member was previously going to arrive to the small screen as part of a Teen Titans project at TNT. In the comics, Nightwing is the leader of the vigilante group made up of young sidekicks.

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Interestingly enough, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice featured a reference to a Robin, albeit one murdered at the hands of the Joker, although it remains unclear which Boy Wonder is memorialized in the Batcave. In the comics, it’s Jason Todd, the second Robin, who was murdered by the Joker in the infamous arc “Death in the Family.”

The Nightwing movie would suggest that the DCEU will follow a similar continuity to the one in the comics. McKay and Dubuque will have to answer the big question: what has Nightwing been up to this whole time? Since we can assume Grayson has been Nightwing for a while by the time of BvS, the DCEU will have to explain where the acrobatic vigilante has been all this time. 

No release date or cast has been announced for Nightwing

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