Nick Fury Gets Solo Series in April

Marvel's premier super spy gets his own ongoing starting this spring

Marvel Comics announced a new solo series for their biggest* super spy, Nick Fury, today.

Here’s a little of what they had to say about the new book:

Whether it’s aboard a speeding train, in the underwater city of Atlantis or even the surface of the moon – Fury gets the job done! His first mission? A trip to the beautiful French Riviera! Only this is no vacation. Amid the bright casino lights and beautiful picturesque vistas, there’s something foul at play.  Let the complex dance of espionage and spy craft begin! Only, Nick Fury may have finally met his match in the form of the mysterious Frankie Noble, Agent of Hydra!   

They’re leaning hard into the spy story tropes with that description, but two things exist to give one hope: James Robinson, the writer who’s been on a hot streak of late (Scarlet Witch is very good, and Squadron Supreme is more entertaining than it has any business being); and ACO. The original Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELDcomic, with art from Jim Steranko, is one of the most visionary books of any time, one that used bizarre layouts to fold your brain and remains to this day, 50 years later, unlike most other comics ever made. If anyone is going to be an adequate heir to that tradition, it’ll be the guy who used 30 panel pages to show how Midnighter’s fight computer brain processed violence in the two-years-running top comics of the year Midnighter. Here, look at these preview pages and tell me I’m wrong.

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Right? Nick Furyis due out in April.

*Technically *adjusts pocket protector* this is Nick Fury, Jr, the long lost son of Nick Fury and an easier way for Marvel to align the comic character’s appearance with his movie counterpart’s than saying “No, this is what Franklin wants him to look like” after Secret Wars. I mention this only because if I didn’t, the comments would.