Mister Miracle Series Coming from King & Gerads

The team behind Sheriff of Babylon tackles one of Jack Kirby's greatest creations.

DC Comics just announced a new book for August: Mister Miracle, from writer Tom King and Mitch Gerads. This is wonderful news.

Scott Free is the son of Highfather, ruler of Jack Kirby’s utopian New Genesis and thinly veiled analogue for Judeo-Christian God. Free was traded to Darkseid, ruler of Hell stand-in Apokalips, in an effort to secure peace between the two warring worlds. He was raised by Granny Goodness in a Terror Orphanage until he escaped and came to Earth, where he trained as an escape artist, fought crime as part of the Justice League International, and eventually won his freedom officially from Apokalips. 

Kirby’s Fourth World is one of the richest, densest, most impenetrable arcs of his entire career. It’s all thoughtful religious allegory, but it’s also incredibly difficult for other creative teams to put their own take on because it’s so distinctly Kirby. That seems to be changing now – Mike and Lee Allred are tackling Forager in the Young Animal Bugseries in a way that looks to be tying it to the greater DC mythology, while The Kamandi Challenge is giving 12 different teams the chance to play with Kirby’s Last Boy on Earth.

King and Gerads are the award-nominated team behind The Sheriff of Babylon, a Vertigo murder mystery set in post-war Iraq that was consistently one of the best books out. King, who is nominated for multiple Eisners for his work on SheriffBatman, and Visionis one of the hottest writers in comics right now. His methodical pacing and attention to structure, matched perfectly by Gerads’ loose but also vaguely photoreal art in Sheriff, and the two of them are a nearly ideal match for Kirby’s greatest work. Expect this book to be a loose thematic sequel to Vision, a book about a suburban dad stuck in a cycle of ennui, inertia, and fights with giant monsters. 

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Mister Miracle#1 hits stores August 9th. NOW LOOK AT THE PRETTY PREVIEW ART.