Milestone Comics Returns with Earth M

A panel at New York Comic Con revealed the reboot of Milestone with five new titles and more!

Even though it’s only been a day, one of the better panels of New York Comic Con is that of “The Return of the Dakota Universe and the Launch of Earth M,” otherwise known as “The Milestone 2.0 Panel.” Various creators showed off the upcoming reboot of the Milestone imprint, which will be coming out in spring of 2018. Said creators included Jim Lee, Reginald Hudlin, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Alice Randall, Kyle Baker, Ken Lashley, and Greg Pak.

Milestone was a trendsetting venture the first time around, making the return a bit of a challenge. It’s like when you watch a movie based on a classic book. The book has been copied by so many people over the years that by the time new eyes check out the film, it feels old hat. Luckily, the creators feel that they have the originality to pull it off.

Even then, DC Comics will be releasing trades of the classic line over time.

Five comics have been announced for the launch with an intended second wave somewhere down the line. Unlike with the New 52, the Milestone crowd will be in their own little world and not integrated with the likes of the Justice League and so on. This universe will be known as Earth M, which comes with a snazzy new logo.

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The backbone comic is Milestone #1 Featuring: Icon and Rocket. Hudlin and Cowan will be writing it with Ken Lashley on art. It will feature various other Milestone mainstays and was cryptically described as, “A story that Superman would never do.”

Static Shock will be written by Hudlin and Cowan with art by Kyle Baker. Amusingly, the first piece of art shown had Static doing a variation of the Air Jordan logo. Another piece of art revealed a character named Amber, a smarmy-looking superheroine dressed in a red, white, and blue outfit with handcuffs hanging off her belt. She’s also white and apparently her family doesn’t make enough money to move out of their predominantly-black neighborhood.

Duo is an updated take on the Milestone classic Xombi, this time with story by Hudlin and Cowan, but written by Greg Pak. Jim Lee will be doing cover art. In this comic, a woman sacrifices her life to save her husband at a terrible cost: the two of them now share the same mind and they are forever immortal together.

A more original series is Love Army, written by Hudlin with concept art by Ryan Benjamin. This one is about an all-female task force in the form of a secret organization spread across the globe.

Then there’s Earth M, a very mysterious series by Hudlin and Alice Randall with art by Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. It’s a book about a vigilante that’s supposedly dark and edgy, but not grim and gritty. Based on the pages shown and the talks of how iffy they expected DC to be about it, I can’t help but think that this is possibly the Batman of Earth M, dealing in a less cut-and-dry take on the vigilante concept. At the very least, he’s a Batman pastiche.

About halfway into the panel, Robert Kirkman was brought in. He has a new show on AMC called The Secret History of Comics and he showed a clip from an episode about the creation of the original Milestone imprint. The clip was about 10-15 minutes long and was exceptional. The show itself premieres on Sunday, November 12 at 11pm.

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So yeah, the new Milestone stuff is looking pretty rocking so far. They even made mention that Christopher Priest will be writing stuff for it in the future, so thumbs up on that.

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