Metal Men Reboot Coming From DC

The Dark Multiverse brings DC's Metal Men back to life.

Metal Men from DC Comics

Doomsday Clock aside, the Metal Men have been curiously quiet since the Rebirth relaunch. Today, Dan DiDio says to that “NO MORE.”

Spinning out of the seemingly endless font of ideas that was Dark Nights: Metal,DC Publisher DiDio and art duo Shane Davis and Michelle Delecki (Batman, Axcend) are bringing the team of self-aware robot elements back into the DCU. And true to their history, it sounds like their creator, Doctor Will Magnus, is a pretty big ass. They make their return and discover a warehouse of old, discarded robots, older versions of themselves, like sentient metal Venture Brothers, discarded by their creator. At the same time, Challenger Mountain – the mountain that burst through Gotham City at the start of the bananapants crossover book – starts leaking liquid Nth Metal, the mystical material that comprises the weapons of the Hawkpeople. Apparently, there’s a new threat in the book: Nth Metal Man.

“With this new series, we explore the essence of what makes the Metal Men human, by having them caught between Doc Magnus, the man who created them, and, the newly introduced, The Nth Metal Man, the being that gave them life,” said DiDio. “What I’m enjoying most about this book is the chance to stay true to all existing stories, while building out their mythology in exciting new directions.”

DiDio has written the Metal Men once before – in the pages of Wednesday Comics, the delightful broadsheet experiment that had DC heroes published as Sunday comic strips that was later collected in a ridiculously oversized package and has lived on my various coffee tables ever since. He’s also no stranger to the joys of DC’s silver age heroes: he wrote the entertaining, underrated Infinity Man and the Forever Peoplein 2014; a very good issue of The Kamandi Challenge (the jam book that had creative teams laying traps for their successors one issue at a time) in 2017; and the single best comic of the New 52 relaunch, OMAC,with magical, note-perfect Jack Kirby-impersonating art from Keith Giffen.

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“Dan and I have a goal on this new Metal Men series to give everyone a quality, entertaining story riffing off modern sci-fi narratives in a way that can only be done at DC. Hopefully fans will like our take on artificial life and find the unexpected humanity in these robots,” said Davis.

Metal Men is a twelve issue maxi-series written by DiDio, with art from Davis and Delecki and launches on October 16th. For more on the Metal Men, Doc Magnus, anyone else on Oolong Island, or more on why OMAC was the best, stick with Den of Geek!