Marvel’s Lockjaw is a Very Good Dog With His Own Series

Kibblesmith & Villa have puppies on the best Inhuman pup.

Lockjaw, the best puppy in the entire Marvel Universe, is getting his second miniseries ever this coming February. 

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith (Quantum & Woody) and artist Carlos Villa (Wayward) spin the story out of the ongoing Black Boltseries. Editor Will Moss said, “We’re super excited about this book. Daniel Kibblesmith—a hilarious writer who works on The Late Show and recently published a book called Santa’s Husband—has cooked up an incredibly fun, heart-filled romp around the Marvel Universe.”

Black Bolt #5 looked at the history of Blackagar Boltogon and his best friend, and laid out that Lockjaw was just a regular old pup who happened to be able to teleport. This series promises to examine his family as he chases down his brothers and sisters across the cosmos.

This isn’t Lockjaw’s first headlining gig. He was the lead inn 2009’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, possibly the finest story Marvel Comics has ever told. It featured Speedball’s cat Hairball, Redwing, Ms. Lion from Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends, Lockheed, and Frog Thor hunting the Infinity Gems.

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Lockjaw#1, the first of a four-issue miniseries, is due out in February. For more on this series, or a comprehensive list of all the best pets in comics (#1: Lockjaw. #1 (tie): Krypto. #1 (tie): Ace the Bat-Hound. #1 (tie): Bat-Cow…), stick with Den of Geek.